At least for the moment..., until there is a better choice, or at least a consensus choice, I've selected Paddy Blackett for the group's Icon. As icon's go, we can find something sexier. As examples of great Ops Analysts go, we'd be hard pressed. Check out Wiki for a start:

I enjoy taking my games apart and putting them back together again. Even when I was eight and just getting started, I like conducting analysis on how to play better. Eventually, wargaming led me to selecting Operations Analysis as a major. Once I understood some of what I'd been taught, I immediately started applying it to games.

I plan on posting some of my analyses in this group. I've had trouble finding appreciative audiences in the past! And I know I will appreciate the work that others have done as well.

Using OA tools and techniques to better understand the games and game design is going down the street in one direction. But this street runs both ways.

So I'm also interested in how gamers have applied what they've learned from consim games to real world problems. At least for me, this tends to be more esoteric, but it's certainly true. However, I often find that my views are better accepted if I explain what's going on, but leave out the fact that I figured it out while playing an entertainment game.

So, please! Be welcome. Share your secret love for analysis with others who have the same dark mistress!

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Thank you, I'll do so. The only parts that I really know of OA as I mentioned where the books I got from Dupay. I also downloaded from a government site a slew of information on WW2 (my main interest) that was designed or developed (assuming here) by OA or at least high level officers (I was an enlisted man of E-4 grade, another words did the fighting while they did the thinking). There is some good stuff that was declassified that I have saved.


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