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Twilight Struggle- for the 4th play. I'm starting to develop a love/hate relationship with this one; you can be dominating the board on Control/Influence and winning on points, when suddenly the card you *must* play dumps you to DEFCON 1. >BOOM< Game over. Love the game play, outside of that.

Down In Flames - bought & played several single engagements I have yet to play a campaign, where I am told the real fun is...

Elusive Victory - have to find an opponent who's as excited about this one as me ...
GMT's "Under the Lily banners", "Gustav Adolf the Great", and "Sword of Rome".
I just played 2 solo games of A Victory Denied. Both Russian victorys.
I am playing Panzer General and I am in the process of reading the instructions to Clash Of Steel, with the aim of playing it too.
These are all computer hex-based, turn based war simulations, as I have no other opponents to take on.
Band of Heroes scenario Dogging Down the Road is my favourite, well, at least for the moment. The German had the Hero skill card. The Yankees had the tanks. The Germans (my opponent) are tough nut to crack in this scenario. They generally have higher morale. I failed to concentrate the center but turn the tanks to the German's left flank. When the tanks failed to destroy the German garrison inside a wooden house, one of the tank rushed forward (out of panic I guess) to capture the crossroad in the town center, where it was close assaulted by the Germans and got wrecked.

The German used the panzerfaust to destroy my second tank. When that happened, my Yankees basically had lost the battle. I should concentrate the forces into the center where my forward elements had already established a position in the church. With heavy firepower, the Yankees should have done better.

Gotta try some more scenarios solo at home after getting hold of the pace and rhythm of the game system again. Spotting, firing, close assault and then charge to melee!
I just played my first game of Panzergruppe Guderian in close to 30 years. Its still a good game.
It will be interesting to compare Adam Starkweather's/MMP's new A VICTORY DENIED to this older title to see whether PPG will still entice players--I am particularly enamored, as you are, with that title, despite its age...
Battling my way through "Lens" (Musket and Pike) and finding that the French infantry is virtually immovable, whilst the cavalry wings are evenly matched. Any thoughts? Solitaire as no known opponents in my area.
Reading the rules to SPQR in the hopes of breaking it out and taking it for a spin. Always up for a game of Combat Commander. But the game series I have always wanted to play but never have been able to acquire them and find an opponent with the space to set one up and play is Europa. I would just love to play a multitude of scenarios / games for Europa.
Played C&C Ancients Scenario 1 and had a blast. It's fun and easy to learn. I'm looking forward to playing more.
I'm working on Kaiser's Pirates Solitaire at the moment...Hopefully will get some cards on the table this weekend as I digest more of the rules.
I've just taken down a dormant campaign game of Silent War. It's been sitting for so long that I've lost the picture, so I'm starting again. In the next drawer up (I have several games set up in a chart table) is the first scenario of Barbarossa: Kiev to Rostov. I've played the East Front series before, and love it. I'm relearning the rules now to get some more scenarios under my belt.
Guelphs and Ghibellines...a complete strange subject to me....but I was attracted to its physical components. Gotta play the shortest introductory scenario first and the counters density is low enough to have it a go of solo play.


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