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Serbia The Defiant from the Der Weltkrieg series.
HPS Squad Battles - Spanish Civil War.
I just finished Elusive Victory. EV is a thinking man’s game that within the confines of cardboard captures well enough the feel of the tactical realm of jet combat. It is not the easiest game I have ever tried to play solitaire but EV is rewarding enough to make that effort worthwhile.
Aren't these games amazing? I think both EV and DOWNTOWN are unique--there's no other game that does justice to this scale of aerial combat. Feels just like the histories of air combat read. Lee Brimmicombe-Wood is to be commended for his amazing designs. Engrossing.
For such a smart guy it only took me several plays to realize you must look at your plane’s capabilities in terms of bomb load, range and speed and the assigned target (Don’t ask me how my first scenario replaying the opening air strike by Israel in 1967 went). Layer on dealing with more sophisticated air defense systems and the tactics necessary to neutralize and defeat it and you get down into some serious planning of your raids. The game generally rewards careful planning but those SAMs in the 1973 scenarios do make life hard. I played over half of the scenarios and found them well balanced. Scenario 14 “Operation Badr” will stress you out in terms of air space management and trying to meet your victory condition by either side.
I am interested more in The Burning Blue in the series. Anyone also played this game before? How is the stress factor and which scenario is the best to stress-out?
AHasbro's "Battle Cry" and "Twilight Struggle".
I'm back to A Victory Denied now that the vassal mod is out.
Getting back into Lock 'N Load BAND OF HEROES (Second Edition with V3 rules) and realizing why I like this system so much. Still have trouble reading the counters and the map hex coordinates--gotta have a magnifying glass. But it's a blast. CONFLICT OF HEROES: STORM OF STEEL is superlative as well and I just got WHERE THERE IS DISCORD (Solitaire game on the Falklands), DG/SPI's solitaire game on Omaha Beach, and ADVANCED PTO. It will be a while before I get to those latter three games as I'm in a tactical mode for a while.
I have three games going on vassal. One is a playtest, Last Stand. I'm playing Der Weltkrieg-Galicia and Afrika 2.
Just finished about a nine month binge on Flames of War Miniatures. Now I've been listening to the 2 halfswuads driving around Kansas and have this urge to set up Blood Reef Tarawa, Advanced Squad Leader Historical Module.
I am setting up Guderian's Blitzkrieg it is one of the OCS games from MMP/The Gamers. I am setting up the entire campaign game. I have been a big player of the Gamers system games (I have all of the OCS, SCS, TCS, and once or two games in the other systems). I am in the process of setting up the Russians, I move a bit slow due to some nasty back issues, but I do hope to get the entire game set up so I can post game turns. One of the reasons for me setting up this game is that I am in the middle of Panzer Leader General Heinz Guderian. So when I started the book, I decided it was time to set up and play GBII (I have set up and played GB several times as well as Enemy at the Gates)



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