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Dungeon! [with the boys home for Thanksgiving]
Twilight Struggle 'late war scenario' [from C3i]
Another great gaming experience ruined by my beloved younger children. Went down to the basement to prepare continuation of Flying Colors and found all the ships in a rather different formation from that which they were left in. I had a pic from the end of the previous turn, but too much had happened in the meantime to recreate the placement. :-(
Just finished a game of Twilight Struggle. I was successfully whittling the Soviet VPs down and had a (slim) chance of putting some pressure on my opponent as we were at Turn 10 with no Auto Victory in sight for either of us. Defcon was sitting at 2, so no further coups or realignment shenanigans would be forthcoming for either of us in any meaningful regions. I had a few card plays left to build up a few key locations and things were looking decent for the first time in several turns. Then he said, "How about a nice game of chess?" He dropped the Wargames card and it was all over but the cryin'. Great way to end the game on the last turn! (For him!) Still, it was fun and play and I'm looking forward to switching sides and trying again.
I had somebody do Wargames on me in the 'Short Scenario' [latewar/C3i]; so we ended up only playing turns 8&9!
I currently play The Speed of Heat, Downtown, Elusive Victory, B-17, Luftwaffa, Harpoon and anything else that has modern aircraft in it.
I also play Cyberboard Downtown.
The Harpoon series remain the computers that I've played the most, and most consistently, over the last twenty years. They never quite get tired!
>I'd like to see it once with the full 7 players, as I think the interactions would be quite interesting.

Hi Mitchell, I am sure you will find it very exciting to play with the full 7 players version. I did it once and hell, it was an ever-endless debates, negotiations among all the players as to choosing the correct side to the battle. Greed comes in with a disgusting face...

>I currently play The Speed of Heat, Downtown, Elusive Victory, B-17, Luftwaffa, Harpoon

Hi Lee, very few people reported they played these games a lot. How did you find these games working? Which one do you enjoy more? I don't have these games except I have their sister games: Whistling Death, Burning Blue, Atlantic Navies. So I am quite interested in what players think about the series systems.
Lawrence, I can tell you that the "Fighting Wings" series has it's hard-core following who play it, but it seems that the Quick Start Rules see the most games played. At least it does here. I've not played ELUSIVE VICTORY but love DOWNTOWN, but I don't find too many players for it. Haven't done the new LUFTWAFFE. HARPOON is incredible in its 4.1 incarnation but, being a miniatures game (even though it comes with counters), I rarely get to play it. Got ATLANTIC NAVIES but haven't touched it yet.

Of all the games listed, I would rate the GMT air games as the best. The scales seem right (one turn equals a minute) and there's nothing else out there that is similar. While the system takes some getting used to, the feel is very realistic and I love the planning aspect of the games for both the defender and the player making the air raids. "Fighting Wings" is the ASL of air games and can be a bit overwhelming in detail, but the chrome is worth it--and the QSR, like ASLSK, give you the excitement without all the rules if you want for just the air-to-air contests. Of course the focus is on the air combats (air-to-air, air-to-ground, and ground-to-air) with a tactical turn being 4.1 seconds. But the "operational" game isn't too bad--getting your aircraft flight or division to the fight and back. Puts a nice frame around the tactical action and adds a good bit of tension in determining whether you'll get the "bounce" or not or bringing back a hobbled aircraft intact!

The Admiralty Trilogy miniatures rules HARPOON and COMMAND AT SEA (of which ATLANTIC NAVIES are a part) are outstanding, particularly with their elastic treatments of time. This system is very rich in detail and best for smaller actions unless you've got a team playing larger battles. There's other naval miniatures rules out there, but it's hard to beat this series--plus the NAVAL DIGEST magazine that Clash of Arms puts out provides great support. This last issue had stuff on the Iranian nuclear facility for HARPOON players! But I must say, this is for naval warfare grognards only--not something the casual gamer can get into easily, even with the smaller actions, without coaching and persistence in playing.
Had a couple of days break in-between finals, so learned how to play Pandemic, and the On the Brink expansion by Z-Man games. It's a great cooperative game in my opinion, that experienced gamers can ratchet up the difficulty level as needed.
The Gamers ACW Brigade series, just started last Sunday and after the CC:E tourny at our local club is finished next month I hope to dive into this series big time. "April's Harvest" was the first we tried out.
Bulge - update of the SPI edition in World at War magazine. The hex is extra large for the expanded counters size. Moving the counters is like a breeze. No fall-off counters from anywhere. The game itself is a blast to play. The Germans almost exited the mechanized units to Liege in the north had the Allied reinforcements not arriving in time. Bastogne fell and retaken and then fell back into the Germans again due to my oversight. I was able to pull off an Allied victory only just in the last turn (game turn 10) by retaking the city, which worth 3VPs and thus to reduce the no. of German VPs down below 12. Really a sweat in the neck. Overall: B+
Commands & Colors Ancients. Played this once about a year ago with a friend, and now playing it with my kids. First I taught my 11 y/o to play last Friday, and right after we finished the first scenario, he wanted to play again. So yesterday we had another go - he won the first time and I took the second. Well, after finishing up, he wanted to immediately set up another scenario!

I had other things I needed to do, so I grabbed my 16 y/o (who is an experienced wargamer now) and explained the rules in about 3 minutes. He trounced his younger brother (which is good, because if he wins his first game, he's more likely to want to play again). I liked the game first time I played, but now I'm totally sold on it.


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