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Finally had a friend over for the weekend. First time in over a year. I bought Washington's War (Thanks for the intro to it Mike!) and we scanned the rules and followed the sample play, then played a game. Incorrectly. But that's how you learn these things, right? We also got in some Up Front, and Monty Python Fluxx.
Currently playing OSS' Rebel Yell, using a combination of the rules from RY and Yaquinto's Battles and Leaders. I like the movment rules from RY and the Fire rules from RY. So far so good. The Union won the White Swamp scenario, #2, and now I'm playing #3, Gordon's Assault. I also have been looking closely at Air and Armor.
I spent some time on Sunday morning working through a few turns of John Poniske's King Phillip's War on Vassal with my fellow playtester, Matt. Since neither of us have played KPW or on Vassal before, there were some challenges, but I like what I see so far. My pre-order is already in and I would recommend the game to anyone, expecially if you like something a little off the beaten path.
I haven't started playing them yet, but I just picked up my box with Chariots of Fire and Verdun: A Generation Lost.
Played: ATO's "There must be a Victory", won, just barely, as the Austrian Player. A fun game.
GMT's "Chariots of Fire" scenario, Sumer. Lost as the Sumerians. Love GBOH. Will play the other scenarios. GMT's "Flying Colors" scenario, Sadras. Won as the British. Another very good game from GMT.

Playing GMT's "Empire of the Sun" as the Japanese Player. Doesn't look good for the Allies. We are on turn 7 with the Allied Political Will in the one box. First time for both of us. I like the game but the Allied player does not.
Just finished playing an older AH game, Storm over Arnhem with my wargame buddy.
For our next game, we have picked Pacific Victory by Columbia Games.

We are now playing the revised edition of Axis and Allies with our 12 (mine) and 11 year olds (his).
Hopefully we are raising the next generation of wargamers. :)
I notice that they really prefer games that have miniatures in them.
My 12 year old likes Memoir '44 as well.
And in a non-wargame vein I have recently played Descent: Jouneys in the Dark with my 12 year old and
his entire set of 11 year old triplets.
On the computer I play Silent Hunter, Arma II and I, Age of Pirates 2. I am also moderator for my own pbem game design about WW2. The game is called WW2 The Big One and it is free to play. The game is based on the old SPI game Global War. It is greatly expanded and modified for pbem.

Check it out. I don't want to hijack this blog, but I have my own blog here at Consimworld and several articles.
STALIN'S WAR just showed up in the mail. My, my, my. This one begs to be played. Beautiful yet functional graphics--the usual GMT treatment. But I downloaded the replay from GMT which shows the German player getting an Automatic Victory by the skin of his teeth (and sacrificing the panzer force to do it). Well, that just gets my curiousity up. I think this one is a real "player"--
On the Victory Day, I played 3 games of Memoir '44 in the club's tournament. Won at Noville and Arras but lost at Godwood as the German. Hmm...I am not a big fan of the game but the 2 victories made me believe that the game hadn't aged in terms of its game mechanics. People still compete fiercely with the game. I was down initially in the no. of medals but able to pull back in the end.
Had some time last week to play a few games with my buddy Will. First was Nine Navies War, it was fun and fast playing. I was the Allies and was rather soundly defeated by turn 3. The german first shot bonus really made a difference in our game. I probably spreadout a little too much early on, and that allowed the central Powers to gain the upper hand.

We then took the new LnL Dawns Early Light for a spin. I was NATO and he was Russian. It played fairly close, I particularly like the random assets each side gets over the course of the game. This keeps variation, and they are intersting, but not cumbersome, to employ.
I believe Dawn's Early Light is set at the WW3 Eisenbach area, a made-up name which does not exist on the map. What is the difference between this and LnL's earlier World at War game on the same?
DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT is not a tactical game, but a grand-tactical/operational level one. If you've ever played LNL's TOTENSONNTAG game on the Operational Crusader battles in North Africa, it's similar. The other WAW games by LNL are very tactical.


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