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Command and Colors: Ancients just arrived - will be playing as soon as all the stickers are applied [maybe tomorrow]. Otherwise:

Sauron is on the table for tomorrow, along with these possibles: Twilight Struggle, Mem '44, CnC:A, Endeavor, WS&IM.
We just finished a couple of games of Battle for Baghdad (MCS Group) today. I played the Iraqi government, but it was two US victories in a row.

If only real stabilization ops were that easy!
Great Gaming day at the semi-regular CNA Wake game day.

Started out with Strike Them a Blow by MMP/Gamers, then moved on to Freedom in the Galaxy, then a great, quick playing Chariot Racing game by Peter Perla, finished up with Washington's War, the GMT remake of We the People by Mark Herman - another great upgrade by GMT games!

p.s. missed you Eric
I setup DG's remake of Cobra and have the Breakout scenario ready to rock.
I've been playing Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 and find it to have some great mechanics.

I've personally never played anything like it and can't wait to play it again.

I found it when I was looking for a good wargame to play and stumbled upon Frontline General: Italian Campaign Introduction . The Italian Campaign was WAY too much for me to handle in regards to time and possibly brain-power.

Being a wargaming noob I don't know if the rules for FLG: Italian Campaign are more than normal, less than normal or right on target for most wargames, but I don't think I have time learn that level of rules at this point in my life. Spearpoint, on the other hand, I do have time for.

Another major issue is finding someone to play the games with and scheduling time to with them to play. Even if I already knew every rule forward and backward.

I hope Spearpoint will be my slow introduction into wargaming. I'd like to find a good wargame that's made ONLY as a single player game that I can pick up at my FLGS to get to the next level.

Based on what I've seen on BGG I'll likely be getting Conflict of Heroes or Twilight Struggle soon, learn those rules, then look for someone to play them with.

What do you suggest for single-player-only wargames? and had you heard of FLG: Spearpoint or played it?
Dan Verssen Games, the maker of 'Frontline General' has several solitaire games you might check out. I would list them but there are so many someone might think this was a DVG ad. I just got my copy of FLG: Spearpoint and haven't had a chance to play yet.

Some older games such as Victory Games' 'Ambush' or 'Mosby's Raiders' are easily available via ebay or BGG.

Decision Games has the upgraded re-release of RAF, 'RAF: Lion vs Eagle', and a new game 'D-Day at Omaha Beach' Though I haven't gotten my copies shipped here to China yet.

I would stay away from a newer board game called 'Panzer General-Allied Assault', there are actually two new up and coming Panzer General board games too. In my opinion it isn't a very good solitaire game.
Opps! Sorry, I got my games mixed up.

'Frontline: D-Day' is by DVG. With that said, I also have to say that I just got my copy of 'FL: D-Day', and haven't had a chance to play yet. 'Frontline: D-Day' isn't a completely solitaire game, but has solitaire rules.
Tom Meier was over this weekend and we broke out the new version (Consim Press) of BEDA FOMM. While the rules are dirt simple (and pretty much the same as the original GDW game), we both were puzzling over what to do the first day, so that's as far as we got. Two Italian battalions got off the south edge of the map but the Brits eliminated everything else, particularly when the massive 4th Armoured Brigade got on board. The Italians brought on their tank battalions and there were some slick maneuvers at night to hem each other in (you can't enter ZOCs, you can't do attacks and barrages, etc). All the Italians need is just ONE MORE BATTALION off the board to win. Too close to call at this point and Tom had to start his drive west. Definitely a game screaming to be played again. It will go faster next time. Quite a puzzle for both players. Feels like you are playing that old video game SPACE INVADERS--the Brits at the bottom of the screen with all those Italians coming down from the top!
Playing GMT's "Chariots of Fire", scenario by scenario in order. I'm behind in victory: 1-3.

Played: GMT's "Stalin's War". Won as Russian Player with 2 turns to go. Not sure I like this game, need some more playing. My Axis opponent did not like it at all.
Eagle's Game: "Conquest of the Empire II" with my gaming group. Third playing and have not won yet. A good multi-player game for a day of playing.
VP's "Jena" as French twice. Split with my Prussian opponent. Then "Forlorn Hope" and won as the Aliens.
Victory in the Pacific by Columbia Games. Just completed a game and the Allies won a Marginal Victory. I can't rave enough about how fun to play these hidden block games are by Columbia. The fog of war created by not knowing what type of unit or how strong it is is just the best and make for really tense and fun gaming sessions. Next up is my first attempt at an OCS game by The Gamers, Tunisia.
ASL in the jungle, got my first 2 PTO scenarios played last weekend and excited about delving deeper into the rules. Played HP21 "loose on Luzon" Flipped sides after the first game. Lost as both Americans and the Japanese but a great learning experience.
Reading the rules and setting up Bataan! I don't think I've ever played a game designed by V. von Borries, so this will be new territory for me. Not to mention I know next to nothing about the campaign. I think I have a bit of reading to do before I'll have a real sense of what is going on... :0)


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