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A lot of ASL. After 25 years at it, it's still going strong. Some Combat Commander, can't ever get enough of this one. Some COH, interesting design I'll give it a good look.
War of the Ring. First Rohan, then Gondor and last the Elves HQ (forgot its name), the Shadow Army crushed the Middle Earth cities and fortifications one by one and earned a military victory. The Fellowship wasn't close enough to Mount Doom. Borodmir fell too.
We've got our usual Empires in Arms game going here in Orange County......but my real excited interest right now is ACROSS THE PACIFIC by Pacific Rim Publishing. This is the BEST system I've ever played for a Pacific WWII game. Alex and I will be bringing it along next year! Thanks, and the very best of Holidays to all.....! Kevin
The Battle for Normandy - the largest game I have in my collection on the Normandy theatre, one that which I am not so interested in before. With so many tactical level games (ASLSK, BoH etc.) on this theatre plus the ever challenging Company of Heroes PC game specifically on this, my interest grows as to how fierce the German defense could be.

We have a 6-players game. We set scenario 3.0 Cobra up in two hours. Played it through the first whole day in one turn. The whole scenario has 6 days. Truly a monster, playable game mechanics but too many counters even for team play. Can't be possible to complete the scenario in one day. The German just keeps beaten up by the Yankees in a major delaying action to prevent the U.S. from exiting 9 units off the map to the south. Once they are on the highway (and only highway, not primary or secondary road), they can use strategic movement to exit off the map. To use strategic movement, there should be no German units within 3 hexes on the movement or mechanized movement phase. German units can also use strategic movement but they would be attacked more easily with +1 DRM on the CRT.

A day is divided into night interphase, AM, PM turn. The game has a pretty standard I-go-U-go system. Stacking limit is 6 stacking points per hex. The Allied performs the movement and combat first and then the German does the same. The Allied have Armed Recon Air Phase at the end of the German turn. It is a type of direct air attack against a particular unit with a to-hit roll according to the Armed Recon Chart, whereas the Allied has the air superiority throughout this campaign. ZOC is locking but you can leave it with +2 movement points cost. You cannot move a unit from an ZOC to another ZOC of the enemy unit. When the German forms up a defensive line, it is quite hard for the Allied to push through unless they can establish a hole in it for the units to go through. The Allied has the numerical advantage in terms of men and materials but the bocage terrain gives the defender –3 DRM in combat. Most of the time therefore the Allied has to use air ground support to neutralize the bocage defensive bonus with –3 DRM. Air points, however, is in short supply after the German anti-air commitment, the deduction of the German air points.

There are two types of supply – general and combat. Units trace their supply to Divisional HQ within 6 hexes, in turn the Divisional HQ trace its supply to Corps HQ within 20 hexes. A Corps HQ can trace any length to the supply source. Usually units would go OOS when they loose touch with their own Divisional HQ in a too forward position. In scenario 3.0 Cobra, the Allied has double the no. of units that of the Germans, many of which are reduced in the beginning. A largely frontal assault, the Allied takes the time to stroll through the bocage (-3 DRM) in order to exit 9 units to the south in order to win. The Germans certainly feel the pressure and often seem to be on the verge of a breakdown, only finding the scattered reserves arrive to plug the holes just in time.

The Battle for Normandy is a game to study, to a large degree it is a pleasant and engaging experience. The map and counters are gorgeously and painstakingly taken and contrast with each other very well. Each division has its own color band on the counters to facilitate the HQ supply and artillery support fire. Artillery can fire in the offensive or defensive phase but the Germans would receive counter-battery fire from the Allied. Overall, it is a very historical game, detailed OOB, airpower for interdiction, strafing, artillery and counter-battery, headquarter and supply. If you are into the D-Day campaign, this is surely the game for you to invest your many hours and still find yourself enriched every time you take it out.
Nice synopsis of the game. I like this much better than SPI's old ATLANTIC WALL monstergame and it should be more versatile once the extension covering the Mortain counteroffensive and Falaise Pocket battles is published!
Today my regular opponent and I are finishing up ASL J1 Urban Guerillas. WIth Christmas and such coming on, we may either start Rise and Decline of the Third Reich or Federation and Empire. If we start 3R, we will hit F&E afterwards.
Just finished up (after a 7 year hiatus!) an on-line game of ASL's A37 - Dreil Team (German win). It was a blast - went down to the last turn and included, as Eric put it elsewhere, the complete "Sgt. Rock comic book" moments where a hero was generated, ran into the middle of the street with an anti-tank weapon to take on a Panther tank. Soaked up point blank fire from two squads, a light machine-gun, a captured medium machine-gun, the co-ax machine gun of the tank, and was finally wounded (but not taken out) by a point-blank shot from the Panther's main gun. Sadly, from a story writer's perspective, he failed to eliminate the tank with his PIAT, though he did live through the scenario. Hell, even *I* was cheering for the guy at that point! LOL
currently playing War and Peace, Pennisula War with Jebe using 3rd edition rules. - 4 turns in
ASL playtesting and development for Bounding Fire Productions - ongoing
Liberty Roads by Hexasim- completed
DG's Folio game on Korea - completed
I don't know if you can call it playing, but I am moderating my own game design, WW2 The Big One, and that is a full-time activity. I've found myself unable to enjoy video games any more. When I try, there is this nagging feeling that I am missing an email about the WW2 game. It isn't very long before I am back into it again.

Games I do play, when tempted away from the above, are Silent Hunter 3,4,&5 (submarines), Armed Assault II, or Pirates of the Caribbean.

I seem to be obsessed with Wellington vs Ney. The French player can almost always demoralize the Allied army yet cannot capture the cross roads. Has anyone playing the French player won?

I soloed an ASL Starter Kit Scenario yesterday, War of the Rats. The Germans won.
WINTER OFFENSIVE 2011 Weekend:  Played FURY IN THE EAST (German Decisive Victory, but we think we misinterpreted the German Panzer ability to move through full Soviet ZOCs), THE DEVIL'S CAULDRON Intermediate Scenario #1, "Race To The Bridge" (German victory as the Brits had a huge run of horrible luck on chit sequencing, landings, and force marches--they weren't even halfway to the bridge by scenario end), and THE TIDE AT SUNRISE (estimated Russian Victory as we quit five turns before the end of the game).  On MLK day, played GMT's GERMANTOWN which ended with an American win as the Brit army was demoralized.  Washington never got close to taking Chew House or Market Square, to say nothing of the road to Philly and Stephen's Division never really got into the game (or created a friendly fire panic amongst the Americans).  But boy, those Americans have tons of cannons, rifles, and leaders--a real problem for the Brit in that game!


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