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On GMT's P500 list, they show Ship of the Line, an expansion to Flying Colors.
Thanks, Tad.
I just finished playing Red Star Rising. I played the Germans for a change. I usually prefer the Soviets. I agree with a previous response on RSR about the renaming of the termiolgy such as Zone of Influence for ZOC. Overall I liked this game a lot ,so far. I'm trying it again at Monstercon with the same friend and same sides. I won as the Axis in the Summer of 43. I had tried to take Moscow in winter 41, just like in history but failed again. In 42 I took Leningrad and drove on Stalingrad and the Caucaus in late 42. I failed but no Historical Stalingrad. I then massed about all my tanks and some infantry for a second try at Moscow in late spring 43. This was our Kursk. After heavy fighting I took Moscow in July 43 and with the DRM in my favor for Leningrad caused the fall of the Soviet Union. I like the turn sequence and the CRT which is like two CRT's. Both of us made lots of errors with this first try. I didn't like the 'no replacements' for the Axis though I suspect they are hidden in the original setup forces and reinforcements. I debated this on CSW's site on RSR but wasn't satisfied with the answers. Need more replays to see if my first impression is right. A good game.
I am beginning my sojourn into For The People. After a long time on the shelf, I finally managed to get a ftf game at the last TABS meeting, and have started another learning game on ACTS. Enjoying it immensely!
I have been playing a lot of shorter games recently, as I have too much going on to commit a large chunk of time to a campaign of any sort. On the table recently have been Totensonntag, Manoeuvre, Pacific Typhoon, FAB: Bulge, Tide of Iron and (of course) Combat Commander. A few Euros have crept onto the table this month as well: Brass, 7 Ages and Hamburgum to name a few. These short (less than an evening) games are keeping my gaming appetite sated enough for now, but I can't wait to get back to something long and involved.
Kai, How is 7 Ages? Is it fun to play?
Lee, I have to confess - I'm a dork.... I was thinking of "Through the Ages", turned around to confirm the title by scanning through the games on the shelf behind, the box for "7 Ages" caught my eye, so that's what I wrote. I have not played it yet, but it looks like something I will enjoy.
Don't worry, it happens to all of us at times! :-) Got to shut off the computer, the storm is coming! Talk to you later.
We just started our first play of "Holy Roman Empire" from S&T 247. One thing I learned is not to do too many major campaigns in one year. I tried a seige on a major fortress in France but blew the die roll. I also marched my sovreign with another big army deep into another major power territory & pillaged a city. Big mistakes! I didn't have enough gold to maintain & provision both armies in the field and lost most of them! We were trying the two-player rules but I hope to get four players next time.
We finally got Rise of the Roman Republic off the ground. But it was VERY slow going - I dare say even slower than my first crack at EotS. I had a really hard time remembering where to look for rules ... is it in the series rules, or the RRR exclusive rules, or the scenario rules? Lots of page-flipping, enough charts and tables to choke a stallion, and the most die roll modifiers I ever saw.

I'll post this, with an AAR in the RRR folder on CSW-proper for comments.
Just got done playing "Cortes" (it originally appeared in Command Magazine). Interesting game but seemed to be a bit of a forgone conclusion with a crushing Spanish victory. I'll have to try it out again soon.
Got to watch out for French "panzers"!


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