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Not any. I have trouble with the block games, for example.
Size and complexity have never been an issue.

My worry centers more how they handle reactive actions.
But, I shan't know without trying.

Ordered one of the BAR (I think they're a little lighter - certainly cheaper)
games to get a feel for COA's recent quality. If I like, I may have a replacement
for NBS.

Thanks for the replies. I'm definitely looking for a heavy tactical series.
I still have my 1970's Marshal Enterprises version.  Need to play that first ;-)
Your welcome.
Korea / The Forgotten War
Recently picked up Commands and Colors Ancients, and I am poking through the rules, and working in scenario 1.  I also just picked up Hannibal:  Rome vs Carthage, but haven't had time to go through it yet.  Looking forward to it, though!
Currently learning and playing SPI's City Fight, double-blind urban warfare consim.
Sword of Rome - good, but beginning to crave something meatier.
Axis & Allies (2004)

About to sit down with Nemo's War ...a solitaire game -- which is fine, but could anyone direct me to a thread where I might find an opponent to play online (ie Vassal)? I've become proficient over the years playing solo (who hasn't?), but there's no better AI than another's mind.

Maybe I'll download 20,000 League's Under the Sea when I'm done ...



Just starting Great War in Europe (GMT) .  Never played yet but it looks like it might be fun what with all of the fronts depicted in a manageable format.  I love Der Weltkrieg but the maps are so huge that its hard to leave them set up for the length of time that you need to play the game.


I just finished Advanced European Theatre of Operations but shut it down after May 1940 as I lost interest in the period.

Cedar Mountain (SPI) think this may well be my first ever foray in to GBACW. Just suffered nineteen 6s (of 41 rolls) as my opponent conducts defensive fire :-(


Also playing Halls of Montezuma (GMT) covers a period I know nothing of (other than the fact I've watched a couple of Alamo films - does that count?). I have to say for the first few turns I had no real idea what my strategy should be. We're now on Turn 6 and whilst I'm still a little unsure I'm finding a 'rhythm'.


The third game underway is Hell's Highway (VG). 1st Airborne are holding on tenaciously as XXX Corps finally seems to be making a bit of headway.


Enjoying all three games greatly.


Have just submitted my CSW Expo selections:

  • Salerno VCS (MMP)
  • Vera Cruz (SPI)
  • Tanga - pre-pub (LWG)
  • Tonkin - pre-pub (LWG)

Veracruz is a very good game!  Played it for the first time just a few years ago.


It was the first issue of S&T that I purchased, and convinced me to subscribe.


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