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I have 3 games of The Battle for Normandy (GMT) going at the moment.  One game solo on my table. One game solo on Vassal and a 'live" game on Vassal.  This is a top notch title in my opinion and has surpassed The Longest Day as my favorite Normandy Campaign game.  Speaking of The Longest Day (AH) I have a 4-player "live" game going on Vassal.  I also have a "live" game of Normandy'44 (GMT) on Vassal. In addition to all that I have a "live" game of Ardennes'44 on Vassal as well against Steve Arthur who posted earlier.

Playing Halls of Montezuma right now (vids soon).

Painful for the payoff.

Been bopping between SPQR and other things from the pile (mostly non-wargames).

Just got whooped in a pbem/vassal of POG. About to be whooped in the same of Unhappy King Charles. Ongoing vassal game of Band of Heroes, a system I'm really appreciating. Soloing Fields of Fire!

PBEM Birds of Prey. My first time playing, and it's a blast!

Panzer Leader of course!

Played Patton's Counter Offensive a few weeks ago as the Americans and thrashed my friend Gleen who retreated too early (or so I think). Am now replaying as the Germans and will see whether my more vigorous defence reaps a greater reward.

What a trip!?! Haven't played PL in years, but cut my teeth on the PB/PL series.....do you play online?  Is that a vassal system...I only used in Britannia.  If you're looking for another player, please let me know.

My favorite original PL scenerio is Operation AntiClimax.  Very tough on both sides.....using OPFire of course.  Patton's Counter Offensive is a real beast!



        yes a real beast indeed. We only manage a turn a night, once a week. I know this is pretty slow but there are plenty of other distractions for us - smoking, chatting etc! My opponent is also drinking like a fish as we play at his house. This slows down the turns too...


          join my Panzer Leader group and we may end up playing together online or with VASSAL one day. I need my friend Steve Arthur to teach me about VASSAL which I have never used, but am keen to try.

Our little band of gamers has a Thunder at the Crossroads II going.  I am doing studies of Standard Combat Series games, looking for inspiration for articles for Operations, and trying to learn The Library of Napoleonic Battles (The Last Success) by OSG.

Tex and I played the Balkan scenario from the Trial of Strength expansion scenario published in Breakout Magazine. We're gearing up for the ToS '41 campaign game.

Had a great game of FRIEDRICH with three people.  What a terrific multi-player strategic game!

How do you find the card of Russia Out in the game?  Historical maybe.  But it is too powerful to force a player out of the game.....


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