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It's like STELLAR CONQUEST done right!  At least that's how I look at it!

Mixed on that myself. I rather like some aspects of SQ which SE4X doesn't yet manage.

with your game, my game + 1 on vassal and the one announced by another pair on BGG, thats 4 games of SP II all starting around same time! SPII FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just finished scenario #28: 'Hero of the Soviet Union' from Panzer Grenadier: Road to Berlin.

I am learning the system solo at present and this is just infantry. This one ran close with the Russians hanging on to the majority of village hexes to win.

I have just set up #15: 'Delaying Action' from PG: 1940 Fall of France to learn the armour rules. Only a few tank units on each side.

I have severl of the PG titles. Wish they allowed Vassal modules.  Would love to play them.  I tried soloing them and it wasn't very compelling that way.



I'm learning the rules. I know a player not too far away who likes it so I am hoping to get FTF games soon.

I just finished the armour scenario. I thought it was interesting even though solo.

Trying to dive into Axis Empires.

Rules were incomprehensible to me at first look,

so I'm gonna give the 'learning scenarios' a shot.

There haven't been too many games I've had to 

resort to this for - but I just have no clue what is

going on - what the 'meat' is.

I bought a copy of Totaler Krieg previously, but really wanted the full war, so

I held off. The rules actually don't look much (if any) better - nasty stripes

running through them. I'd imagine that the new concepts are equally tough

to grasp in either set.

The only big selling point to the earlier version is that it's got the alternative

history generator, which is actually what excited me most about the system.

Still, presumably, they'll get the module out for the AE combo,

so if you end up liking the system, and you're like me, you'll

feel like you need them anyhow. 

Damned thing is like learning the whole hobby over again - doesn't

seem to use a lot of concepts.

Ok, the concepts aren't that different - it's just the presentation.

I don't know that the rules format is bad so much as unfamiliar.

Definitely better designed for the hands on learner.

Panzer Corps - giving this a good grilling, and finding there are some nice little touches that were never in Panzer General, and that I had never come across before when I played PC.

Have a 4 player ftf game of Space Empires sheduled to next sunday (not tomorrow).


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