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After playing DOWNTOWN, my longtime wargaming friend and I ventured into GMT's Battles of the American Revolution game, NEWTOWN.  This is a title I'd not played before; I always went for ORISKANY (my father served on the aircraft carrier of the same name in the Vietnam War).  Boy, had I been missing out!  The game pits the Patriot Sullivan's expedition against a prepared coalition of Indian tribes defending a line of breastworks outside of town; there's a small contingent of Brits involved as well.  The American is under a lot of pressure to push the Indians aside and take the town; there's cattle herd they've got behind them that won't stop running and is worth points to the Indians if they capture it.  But it's not easy.  It takes a while for the Patriots to get everybody on the board and formed up to assault the Indian position, and the Indians might sortie out of their breastworks to complicate things.  There's also some light infantry in the American backfield that must be guarded against!  Problem running the Indian side is that the tribes are very difficult to coordinate as they are moved by a chit-pull mechanism and can decide to fight for the sport of it at any given time, whether the force as a whole is ready to do that or not!

Starting the wife on some games, so I opened the Blue&Gray quad 2, Across 5 Aprils and Lee’s Invincibles. They are all new to me also, but I at least have a history of wargaming where she does not. I was reminded how experienced players take so much for granted in getting a new game, such as being able to read a counter and a CRT.

Played: "Sepoy Mutiny:1857-1859" in S&T 320. FTF with myself. A enjoyable game and recommended. 

Played: GMT's "Caesar: Conquest of Gaul mod Gergovia". FTF with myself, again. Caesar lost again. GBOH Greatest system of all. Highly Recommended.

A Victory Denied. The first of several MMP games I have sitting on the shelve.

Played: "Invasion Pearl Harbor" in W@W 14. A "what if" if the Japs had carried out a planned landing at the same time as the Pearl Harbor attack but cancelled. Played FTF with myself. A OK game and plays fast.

Played: SPQR scenario "Battle of Ticinus" with Vassal/ Skype live. A fun little battle. Will play some more of these Cavalry Battles. Fun to talk to a live opponent.


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Guide to Operation Overlord Wargames [D-Day, Normandy, 6 June 1944]

Guide to Operation Overloard Games [D-Day, Normandy, 6 June 1944]
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