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Just dug out my old copy of Command No. 16 and played "1918: Storm in the West" this last weekend. It didn't do so well for the Allies. The Germans did a major push towards Paris and by some good die-rolling, the managed to occupy Paris without having to fight for it. I'll have to play again- the results were a bit skewed.
I'm playing the introductory game Drive on Metz that came with the magazine C3i20. It's a fun little game that is good for beginners. There is a small number of units both German and Americans. It has armor and infantry units but no airplane units. I'm currently on Turn 4. The Americans go first each turn and the Germans go second. Try it, you'll like it! :-)
Yesterday we started a new FitS game and compared to EotS it actually plays more like a Solitaire since my possibilities as the Japanese player to act/react are extremely limited by the strict transport points/oil points mechanic (the Allied player only uses Tranport points and Reaction is always free for him). Someone said that EotS is a 'Japanese fantasy scenario' and although I don't think that's true it's certainly the better (read: more fun) game compared to FitS.
Andreas, I think that strict transport/oil points reflect historical effects of the US submarine attacks which limited Japanese ability to react and move their forces around. I think it is a good rule to have in a game because it reflects history. On the other hand, It doesn't make a fun game.

I know of course what this gameplay limitation wants to represent, but I'm still unsure whether this is the right way to represent historical limitations in a consim. If I compare EotS with FitS then I see the historical limitations in both games portrayed, but the way EotS goes (limiting the card hand) seems to be much closer to the actual possibilities Japan had in the war. In FitS there comes the time (and that quickly I'd say) when you simply can't react anymore to attacks by the Allies because you either can send a huge fleet (which screws up your game because it will bring your Oil down to zero or almost close) or you can send only a small fleet out (which is doomed and on a sure suicide run then). EotS may limit your overall options due to the card hand, but within this context you can still react and be a real threat to the Allies and that actually in the location where the Allies attack (the only option in FitS seems to be to react to locations where the Allies don't start an attack because then sometimes they can be caught with their ships in port, but that's rarely an option anyway). This makes a much better game for the Japanese player and seems to be closer to the threat and danger the Japanese navy was to the Allies in the war. In FitS there's only one real danger to the Allied player and that's the clock so to say (can I recapture all the VPs before the last turn?), the Japanese player only functions as a kind of trouble-maker here, he's not the real enemy in this game....

I'm still not sure what to think of this game and I know e.g. that Adam Starkweather loves it and especially likes the endgame, but so far I can only see two options left: either start the game with aggressive moves to get as many VPs as possible to hopefully end the game with an automatic victory (if that doesn't work you are doomed to be a watcher for the rest of the game, though...) or to play very slow from the beginning and just preserving your oil to have enough of it ready when the Allies start moving with their big fleets, so you can make a little blow here and there (which allows for some action but certainly not enough to have a thrilling game).
I think if I was playing the game, I would play slow from the beginning and preserve my oil enough to be able to react to the Allied fleet movement. It sounds like the Japanese don't have too many options available in the game. Do you like FiTS? I haven't bought a copy of it yet. Good gaming!
Getting myself back into ASL and, since I love early war scenarios, will be taking the new CH 2nd Edition of STONNE 1940 for a spin.
I hate the restriction on French armor of a 1 man turret. It is very limiting but the French do have good tanks though compared to the light German panzers!
Well, I'm actually breaking out of ASL for a little while and going to play Strike Them a Blow by MMP. I'm doing a review for Paper Wars and I strongly feel I have to play the game to give a good review of it.

It looks like fun.
will be playing my new cope of Europe Engulfed.
Now I'm beginning to play The Bulge: FAB1 from GMT.
I just played a whole lot of Harpoon - Commander's Edition on the computer.


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