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Speaking of GBoH, I finished up the second battle from "Chariots of Fire" (Sekmum)  solo and now have a third on the table (Astarpa River). This new one is my first try at using chariots which should be a hoot. It is out of the chronological sequence from the Scenario Guide, but I chose to play it next as there is no terrain other than "Clear" and there are no runner infantry. Keeping it as simple as possible for now. Hittites!

just finished some nice TCS Semper Fi.

Fox Hill held I am glad to report!

Cranked a few more turns of NBS Vimeiro out, actually got to the combat bit. Very nice thank you! May I have another!

Are you using any special rules for playing solo?

Took a side trip into some old SPI stuff (Stonewall, Napoleon's Art of War).

Back to SPQR.

Just played (does that count...? ;) Sekigahara for the 2nd time. Superb game. My first time face to face. How exciting and rich a game. 

Play a LNL scenario today as well River of Perfume from the new stunning re fresh of Forgotten Heros II.

Finally a bloody and tense battle for the West German city of Erp, in WWIII in the the 'future/past history' of 1985 WWIII in World at War.

A full day of gaming face to face. Superb but man am I tired!

Thanks Major Bill, see you in 6 months.

Just finished finishing Joaquim on Space Empires over Vassal :D

Starting a non-wargame of interest - Le Foi et le Glaive. 

The two byzantine ones are quite different from most. Otherwise though, it's

set up to allow for a fair amount of balance. Rules system doesn't treat them

differently - and set up is about as balanced looking as a Dip game. With the 

big exception of the Byzantines. There are minor religions to fiddle around with

though. So far, I'm not disappointed, even if it's not the detailed investigation

I'd most want.

Big weekend.

Friday we played a round of Sekigahara.

Then 1 battle at the platoon level set in West Germany between Dutch and Soviets during WWIII to capture a town and bridge. Tense fighting with the Soviets on the defense.

Wrapped up by a small slaughter of VC by the USMC in Lock 'n Loads LNL series classic reprint called Forgotten Heroes. Super fun.

Some NBS late Saturday night solo.

And yesterday another side by side session. With 4 of us playing 2 copies of No Retreat.  Clearly one group of guys had read the rules....and one had not.   We left one group preparing to fight on into 1945! The other was a sudden death victory mid '44 I believe for the Soviets.

Finished loading up Unhappy King Charles.

Currently back to SPQR.

Played Compass Games' "Spartacvs" and "The God Kings". All of the players were rookies for both games. "Spartacvs" is a 2 player game of the Sertorians(rebels) against the Roman Republic. It is a point to point and CDG.  I lost on the last turn. Even though its called "Spartacvs", he only comes in close to the end of the game. This helps sell the game I bet. It is a good game and Recommended.

"The God Kings" is on the 'very' Ancient Near East, 1500-1250BC. It is also point to point and a CDG. It is a 4 player game but with smaller scenarios for 2 or 3 players. The countries are the Hittites, Egypt, Mitanni, and Babylon. There are some smaller states/tribes and rebels that can pop up to cause trouble. Turns are 25 years. We played the 3 player scenario of 2 turns. I was the Mitanni, against Egypt and the Hittites. Babylon is neutral. Each side has different set of victory conditions. We had problems with the rules but resolved them though this dragged out the game. Egypt won on the last turn by a hair. I liked this game better than "Spartacvs". Recommended.

Right now, I'm playing Washington's Crossing, from Revolution Games.


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