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Some SPQR, and...oh yeah - Virgin Queen.

It'll go down. I think there are going to be a decent number of HIS players who don't want the

extra burden, but rushed to the purchase. It might take a while though. I don't think many will

part without putting some effort in.

The God Kings.

I had always hoped to play some games from victory point,

but it is hard to get them in Poland.

Played a test combat cycle of Operation Typhoon (SPI).  Thinking about playing it solo soon, or before any further investment in OCS East front.

Setup Austerlitz (NBS).

Played several turns of Burma OCS)

Wrapped up Leros (TCS),

bits and pieces, I was really disappointed with ATO magazine Men of Iron scenarios Sulieman and Golden Horde.

Lots of VASSAL play lately HiS, LNL (played a pretty cool WWII scenario, one of my first squad based WWII games in a long time. & WaW from Lock'n Load.

Currently have recently acquired WW2Barbarossa To Berlin set up on table trying to learn gameplay/mechanics
No Peace Without Spain pbem ongoing on Vassal (first ever try of programme)

Games in queue
Price If Freedom
Prussias Defiant Stand
Storm Over Stalingrad

With several miniatures games planned and ongoing Pc pbem am a very busy little bee :-)

Playing through the scenarios of 2nd Fleet vias PBeM on VASSAL. Also have a Twilight Struggle game going via ACTs. 

Our playgroup is finalizing plans for our first Here I stand game next weekend. *crosses fingers*!

Just finished "Bomber Command" by GMT. I played the RAF and had a major win but the game did not jump out and grab me. We played the Berlin Scenario. My target was Augsburg: far, far away. My nazi opponent did like the game and wants to play more. We shall.

This Hallowed ground.  Now in 0830 hrs, 2 July 63.   Ewell has busted thru the 11 corp on culps hills.

Cry Havoc/Seige

Conflict of Heroes, Storm of Steel.

Campaigns of King David (vids progressing here).

It really reminds me of how much I like tinkering with lighter games. One of the joys that is missing from the ones where it really feels as though the designer(s) have a solid grasp on what they want in terms of rules, and spell 'em all out.


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