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I wasn't sure what I would think about it but then I heard Terry's (the designer) passion for it on  a podcast. After taking the leap via GMT's P500 if finally arrived.

The game has a great tension build to it as the units slowly close on each other. The rules are complex but not frustrating. I didn't know that I'd be interested in WWI aviation, but this game is stoking the fires. 

I've put up some unboxing, learning, and AAR videos on my blog.

Here's what I wrote over on BGG when someone asked me about the complexity.:

"I've noted elsewhere that BA is the most complex sophisticated game I own. I'll note that most of the games I play aren't as high as BA on that scale. Day to day I am playing Conflict of Heroes mostly. 

However, I find BA's detail rewarding and am tremendously enjoying the 2-3 VASSAL games I have going on right now. I surprised myself how much I like this game. 

The bookkeeping is a chore and I miss rules from time to time but that is usually a one time thing. 

Some of the rules are corkers and are either non-traditional or need explanation/clarification. That is why you're seeing so many questions here on the forums.

As for the errata, I'm not sure what to make of it yet. I'm glad it is coming out so fast if at all. A lot of it seems to be typo corrections. The rest is rules clarifications not necessarily rule changes. It would be great if there were none, but nearly all releases seem to have them these days. My printed rulebook is getting marked up though!

In the end, for me the game was a challenge to learn but one I was willing to undertake once the reward became clear. 

Try to get into a demo VASSAL game if you want to try it out first."

Thanks for posting your thoughts.

Setting up and starting up  Worthington Games "War and Peace".  Seems very Risk-like so far.  I can't help thinking that it needs something more...its just a wee bit too generic right now.

After the EU journey, I've settled on playing the rest of Kingdom of Heaven's scenarios.

Probably be some stuff in between too.

Darn...I'd sworn off buying any more games and this one has to come along...

I'm about 10 games away from notching up my 400th ASL game....it's still as fresh and exciting as the day I played my first one.

For me, the Starter Kits were a wonderful reintroduction to ASL. I don't know how Ken Dunn did it, but he got just enough ASL goodness into a much shorter rule set to make a very fun game, and MMP packaged it very affordably.  I have not yet mastered ASLSK #3, but I enjoyed the heck out of #1 and #2, and have enjoyed a couple scenarios of #3.  I even like the way #2 went even further afield in showing us how  ASL depicts the armies of different nationalities.  

Played with our gaming group, AH "History of the World". This is the updated version. Never played before but was a lot of fun. Our History of the World was different: no Roman or British Empires came into play. One of those Quantum Alternative Universes. 

Played: MMP's "The Tide at Sunrise: The Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905" This was a first for me(Russian) and my adversary(Japan). We played without the naval rules. Instead a very abstract naval chart is used to cover the naval fighting. My Russian fleet was wiped out per this chart. But I stopped the Japanese at Mukden and hung on to win the game. The pressure is on the Japanese Player to gain 70 VP's from towns and eliminated Russian units. The game played quickly and was done in one sitting. We both liked the game and will try it again but with the more detailed naval rules. These rules need to be download from MMP. The naval counters are included in the game.  

Lately I've been playing a couple of the Nappy 20 games from VPG. Currently playing a Vassal match of Bussaco 20 with a fellow from Hastings, England. Also on the table is MMP/The Gamers SCS "Rock of the Marne". Next up will one of the 10 or so games I have on order.....MMP's Black Friday sale got me for 6 games, GMT, another 2, and Revolution Games "Washington's Crossing" and "Celles" bundle. I just recently started to get active in gaming again after an 8 year hiatus. I'm just amazed at the quantity and quality of the games that are available. It's good to be back.

Played again "The Tide at Sunrise" by MMP. Used the Navel Rules and counters this time. I played the Russians again. My Navy was wiped out, again, but the Japanese took Mukden this time. All out assaults on the last two turns and I  was able to retake Mukden to win the game. The Navel rules increase the time to play and create some extra tensions but the results were the same as the abstract Navel table. Probably better to leave the Navel Rules and counters out and just use the abstract Navel Table for the navel battles. A very fun game.

Playing "Washington's Crossing" by Revolution Games. Nice map, decent counters, cool (if somewhat involved) combat resolution system, very realistic random movement system, well written but poorly organized rulebook. Just doing a solo run through to get the systems and rules under my belt....this game begs for another player aid card or two.....a proper terrain chart, sequence of play, and re-enforcement/ withdrawal schedule all on one card would really help with the learning curve. As it is you find terrain definitions along the edges of two ends of the map, the re-enforcement/ withdrawals on two different pages of the rules...and of course sequence of play is in the rulebook only as well. Also there are many special rules and exceptions to rules buried throughout.....these rules just beg to be divided into a basic/advanced booklet as well as a scenario specific booklet ala The Gamers SCS or AH's GCACW. Definitely not for newbies but worth the effort if the subject and scale interest you. I really like operational scale campaign games and for this era it's the only game in town so far.(GMT's ARW series games just don't work well solo for me) Hopefully it sells well enough to justify further titles. The nits I've picked could easily be remedied by the slight tweaks I've suggested....at least that's my opinion lol!


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