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Played Wintergewitter yesterday... Game is still on...
Playing GMT's "Here I Stand" on the net (ACTS and Cyberboard). AND I want more of the same, more, more, more!!! Bwahahaha!!!!
You are a Here I Stand person, too, huh? I can't get into another PBEM game of it until I finish the WBC yearbook, but keep me in mind for the future :)
I started playing Last September. Now I am enrolled in a learning game mastered by the designer of HIS. just let me know when you are free and I am sure we can arrange a game, either with 4 other players, or even the 2-player version (you do have this version, with the new cards from C3i, right?). :^)
I'm currently engaged in several pbem projects: Drive on Paris (The Gamers), Here I Stand (GMT), Close Action (CoA), OCS: Baltic Storm (coming OCS-title). But the main event is off course the 'face-to-face' OCS: Case Blue (MMP) campaign where I play on the Russian side in the 'Blau III' scenario. We're on the third game turn och things look a bit grim for our soviets - as they should I guess... ;-)

My son and I play a fair amount of CC:Europe/Med when we can get together. I'll have a ftf game of FAB:Bulge going next week, but my gaming partner is working odd hours this week. In the meantime, I've got Twilight in the East, Asia Engulfed and Empire of the Sun on the cybertable. We just finished the Masurian Lakes scenario in TitE and the system is great. This scenario gives an opportunity to learn the combat system and sequence of play without having to deal with massive amounts of supply issues. This game really peaked my interest in WWI east front. We're starting the 1 map Galicia scenario next.
Here I stand,Onward Christian Soldiers,Belisarius(S&T) and Successors with cyerboard
Pax Romana and GBOH Alexander with vassal
And I have an Hannibal's game face to face this friday :)
- Paths of Glory
- Clash of Monarchs

Face to Face
Hopefully Case Blue or Fab Bulge this weekend, otherwise lots of Combat Commander
Actually playing FtF an ASL Historic Campaign (Primosolo Bridge), and recently finished a Republic of Rome game (really two, but the first one is forgetable) and a Hannibal vs Rome (Valley games version).
Also, a Pax Romana (looong game) via email with consimworld people
Currently playing: Russia Besieged

1 PBeM Tournament game
1 PBeM game for fun
1 Game played this past weekend at TABScon
1 Game planned later in the week with Lembit Tohver

Giving the 2nd edtion rules a good shake out.
Just finished FAB: Bulge. I am loving this game. It was easy to get into and over all too quickly. As soon as we finished, I wanted to switch sides and play again. I'm already looking forward to FAB: Sicily. You hear that, Rick? Get crackin'! :0)

Sporadically reading the rules to "The Price of Freedom," "Pacific Typhoon," "Manoeuvre," and "Starcraft." I really should stop buying games and spend more time playing, but... that's not gonna happen.

Playtesting scenarios for Combat Commander (Pacific and Stalingrad), as well. Always something on the table at Jensens' House of Games.
Currently playing PoG, TS, and C&C:A.


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