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Playing BATTLE ABOVE THE CLOUDS (Scenario 3: "Battle of Chickamauga" with Gerry Germond's Tuesday Night Regulars at Midlothian, Virginia.  Wednesday did two games of 1st Edition SEKIGAHARA--now I realize there's a second edition after I got taken to the cleaners playing Ishida Matsunari.  

What's up next? ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER STARTER KIT #1, methinks...am teaching a newbie how to play it....

Currently solitairing OSGs WAGRAM. My buddy hooked-me-up with a gratis copy (and some downloads from CSW), and we're going to set a date in Sep to play.  Additionally, my other buddy just received "Fire on the Lake" and we're going to do the same (he enjoyed playing my "A Distant Plain" at Prezcon last Feb and immediately went P500 for "FotL").

Have been playing Combat Commander: Europe pretty regularly. Sunday Steve Recht and I will probably be playing Bonfire of the NKVD. Also played Napoleon 20 last Sunday.  Have a 3 year old and another one about to arrive so I don't really have time for games that can't be played in one or two hours.

Planning to play some "Ogre" this weekend.

Bob D.

Ogre sounds like fun!  I keep meaning to play it as well, but other stuff always comes up.

FIRE IN THE lAKE...halfway through the tutorial.....meh....faceless blocks and bloodless nearly combat free system....not sure this is really a war game...I'll push on through and see if it gets better with experience...so far COIN ain't my cup of tea.

What are you looking for in a "wargame", checkers or chess? But yes, there is a heavy political and "hearts & minds" aspect to the game, and not just a rock'em sock'em US vs VC military battle game. The COIN series game design fits a different taste. I recommend trying Andean Abyss or Cuba Libre, as they aren't as complex, then graduate to A Distance Plain and/or Fire in the Lake.

as a wargamer of more than thirty years experience I have played many more complex systems than COIN...I'm just not really that excited about it. Different strokes I guess. I definitely prefer a more military conflict oriented approach....VG's Vietnam (which I have a copy of) might be more what I'm looking for...I was hoping for something slightly less time consuming but FITL isn't working for me so far...I'll give it another try after the first of the year...maybe it'll grow on me. It's definitely got lots of nice components....I'm sure some of you youngsters love those colorful little blocks : )

Only 30 years of gaming experience? Rookie, I've been wargaming since 1966, started with AH Gettysburg with my older brother. :-) Different strokes indeed; but Igo-Ugo-roll the dice isn't complex imho.

Played Fire In The Lake for two Thursdays in a row. First game was a learning game where I had no idea what I was doing, and it showed, but the second game was much more fun as things finally clicked. This is a very nice entry in the COIN series.

Yes, the decisions are daunting at first. Focus on what your faction is capable of doing via Ops/Special Activities/Event cards, and do them, as it pertains to achieving points towards your victory conditions.

Been doing a bit of "retro" gaming recently--all old stuff.  BATTLE FOR GERMANY (DG version), TURNING POINT: STALINGRAD (AH), and SOLDIERS (SPI).  Did take a dive into Legion Wargames'/Kim Kanger's DIEN BIEN PHU: THE FINAL GAMBLE which is excellent!  Fooled around with MMP's recent STORM OVER DIEN BIEN PHU and LPS's ATO game, LA VALLEE DE LA MORT, both on the same battle. Am itching to get back into ASLSK and/or ASL and some monster games, though!  Just don't have time at the moment as I'd doing a lot over the weekends for teaching Army majors at Command and General Staff College!


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