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I've managed about 4 hours per week face to face gaming in 2008. Roughly this has been spent as follows:

- 40% on Close Action (played 3 times, with 4, 11 and 8 players)

- 20% on ASL (Valor of the Guards, 3 scenarios)

- 20% on Here I Stand (one 6 player game, one 2 player game)

- 10% on Wellington (one 4 player game)

- 10% on 1960 (played it twice)

This has been a GOOD year so far. :) On the basis of play experience, Close Action has been a definite 10, Valor of the Guards a 9 plus, Here I Stand at least a 9, 1960 a 9, and Wellington a 7.

Coming up? - mainly ASL. I have a couple of VotG scenarios scheduled in the next two weeks, and then we have a local two day ASL tournament at the start of June.

Meanwhile, any other spare gaming moments are being spent clipping counters for The Devil's Cauldron.

Over the horizon? Local gamer Mark Bretherton is keen to play an area movement game. Breakout Normandy will probably be the one, but he has just bought Turning Point Stalingrad, and I have just picked up Storm over Arnhem, so who knows?

I was lucky enough to snag a copy of Pas de Calais the other week, so there's always the chance that it or one of the other John Schettler WestWar games will get a go.

Also, I can feel an itch for the American War of Independence developing, which might need scratched.

And then Birds of Prey is due in July, which will almost certainly elbow its way onto the table.

So, all in all this is shaping up as a great year of gaming :)
I've been having a blast playing MBT solitaire. I use my own system, for better or worse, that is a hybrid of MBT, Fire Team and Air Cav. It plays pretty well, though some of the rules are a bit undeveloped. Infantry for example have no rules, yet. The last finished battle had 20 T-64s and 3 BMP-2s against 8 M1A1s and 4 M2s. It came down to a wild firefight between 1 M2 and a T-64. The M2 won.
Currently the only thing I'm playing is Millennium Wars Advanced, States of Conflict. We are playtesting the scenarios in hopes of having the project done for the folks at ATO by EoM. Rules are about 85 percent, and the system is shaping up nicely. Fans of modern conflict will like this one.
I play ''Sword of Rome'' and ''Hannibal''.
I've been playing Israeli Independence almost exclusively for the past couple of weeks. It is not often that I come upon a game that I want to play as much as this one. Even Liam (age 7) likes to play, well he helps when I play and he is really quite interested in the game - we read and discuss the cards as they are played and talk about what is happening on th board - starting to tell him a bit more about the history behind the story that the game tells as well...
I'm playing Blackbeard solitaire. It's cool!
I've got Devil's Horsemen set up so I can try some things out, as I'm writing an article on it now.
Learned how to play Commands and Colors: Ancients, last night at Tony Adams'. That's a very fun game. I forgot the name of the scenario we played, but I was Hannibal, and Tony was Scipio something-or-another. Seven Victory Banners was the goal for each of us. Tony managed 6 by the time we had to fold - to my one. The mechanics are fun, and the game progresses fast. Definitely a "play again" game.
We finished "Holy Roman Empire: Wars of the Reformation 1524-1538" in S&T #247. It took several meetings with my two week vacation slowing things up. (at Hanford for GMT's gamecon) We played the 4 player version with me as the Ottoman player. The others are the Hapsburg, French and League/Protestant states. The Hapsburg are the strongest at start with the French, Ottoman, and then League. The League has to build up by using Diplomacy to acquire more territory to build armies to acquire more of the same to win. The Ottomans start with not much because most of their empire is out of play. The Ottomans who historically were the most powerful militarily with a decent economy at this time are impotent. Since all of us were new at this, mistakes were made. I was barely able to maintain my forces. I had ups and downs with "events" but so did the other players. I came up with a ahistorical ploy. A neutrality pack with the Hapsburg player while the League and French players did the same between them. This was historical. All this did was; I didn't have to worry about the Hapsburg's while I grabbed Hungary, Venice and part of the Papal states. Victory is determined by either a Political or Military victory (both equal in value)or both together which makes you the overall winner. More than one player can have a victory( political or military). Ties are common. A combined Political/Military victory is much harder to do. The Ottoman player has only one way of doing this, taking Vienna which immediately ends the game with a auto win. I managed to do this on the last turn of the game by dumb luck. The Hapsburg player and League players had military victories with the French out of it. All I was trying to do was acquire a military victory for a three way tie. Military victory is holding a certain number of cities worth your victory level plus a capital. The Ottoman's is 12 while the Hapsburg is 30, French 15, League 10. Play balance I assume. Political is based on holding Elector Cities and their countries plus a capital. This is not possible for the Ottoman player. The way to Vienna came open by chance. My ally the Hapsburg player looked at me and said He would go for it, so I did and became the Sovereign Lord of Europe. Allah be praised, the Vatican is a mosque and all of Europe belongs to Islam.

I liked this game(not just for winning) and would recommend it. The Ottoman player should have more resources than he does to start with. I was always playing catch up. Onwards to Monstercon.
How does it compare to Here I Stand?
"Here I Stand" is a better play and more fun with the interaction of 6 players vs. four. So, if a choice between the two, I recommend "Here I Stand". The plus for "Holy Roman Empire" is its a simpler game, so it moves faster.
After an intense Memorial Day Weekend game-a-thon, we have left to finish;

Operation Typhoon - turn 11 of 16 complete in the Campaign Game.

Napoleon's Last Battles - turn 3 of day one midway complete. French doing very well.

Third Reich 4th Edition. It is Winter 1939, and the Allies are about to do dastardly things, like conduct an airstrike on 3 German airgroups left too close to Britain.

Thunder at the Crossroads - my second all out foray into the CWB series against a seasoned vet, Stuart Martin. It is just noon in day one, and the Confederates have taken in on the chin on the road to Seminary Ridge.

We lalso played Wooden Ships & Iron Men, which I continue to suck at.

An old friend, Kirby Meade came do from Chantilly, Va, so we had 4 players most of the time.

He brought, and left, his Ace of Aces stuff with us. Have not played that in years. Had fun with them too.


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