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Just laid out and punching counters for When Eagles Fight. Bought it at PREZCON in Feb and finally getting to it. Nice layout, rules, board and counters, other than the classic issue of the unit counters being larger than the hexes... :-/

Paths of Glory and Unconditional Surrender. I really enjoy them both. I lived through the first "Golden Age" of wargaming in the 1970's and I feel like I am living through the second one right now. It is a shame there are so few people in the hobby.

Played: Fantasy Flight Games "Merchant of Venus", with my gaming group again. A favorite of ours.

Played at Monstercon the following games: ATO's Burma Game, "Defeat into Victory"; We both did not like it, though it was the first time for us.

GMT's "Hoplite", Great Game.  GMT's "Flying Colors"; This was a 6 player 'make your own scenario'. Brits against the French. Brits won of course, Great Fun for all.

MMP's "The Mighty Endeavor: Expansion". The Allies won big in the West but the Soviets could not activate their HQ's to have combat. This problem needs to be fixed. 

VPG's: "Villainous Vikings", a keeper.

Hats off to Mr. Kranz for a Great Job done at Monstercon. Thanks again for putting this GameCon on, it is the 'Cats Meow of War Gaming'. Next Year.

Played: "Crossfire Hurricane: The Battle of Long Tan" by High Flying Dice Games. A print and play game on the Heroic fight between the ANZACS  and the commies in Vietnam, 1966. In spite of being outnumbered by a large amount, the ANZACS kicked butt. The game has lots of problems with the rules. After finding errata and "home rules" we played the game. I believe this is the first edition of the game. It played historically. The commies came in droves and died in droves. A decisive victory for the Good Guys. The game is different in the mechanics from other games at this tactical level. Then the rules problems, overall a rating of average. There is a newer version of the game out and probably all cleaned up. 

There has been documentaries and a movie on this battle. Next year a new movie is coming out: "Danger Close".



I've been trying the new SabreSquadron introductory rules for company-level modern warfare, playing solo to get a feel for it. It's my first game of this scale (usually play skirmish-level), so I can't compare it to anything, but I'm enjoying it. Thankfully it's under 35 pages, which is a length I can almost handle. It's well laid-out and has very clear examples and illustrations, too. You can get a copy by emailing info@sabresquadron.com.

Introduced to our Gaming Grp, "Flying Colors" by GMT. Played a small "make your own" scenario. The Brits against the French-Spanish navies. I, as the Brits, lost to these inferior so-sos. The wind changed at the right moment and that was all folks. A Great Game.

Playing GMT's "Wing Leader". Played the Midway Scenario as the Ami's but did not have the historical luck of the day. Heavily damaged 2 Jap carriers but not enough victory points. Now trying a Brit vs Nazi scenario. Still in progress. Not a bad game.

Played: "Villainous Vikings" by VPG  with our gaming group. First time for them. Everyone enjoyed this game and would like to play it again. 

Finished playing several more scenarios of GMT's "Wing Leader". This is a good game. My Honorable opponent calls it the Best GMT game of 2015.  Hats off to GMT.

I liked Villainous Vikings too.  Were you playing the original or the second version?

I made up a larger version of the Villainous Vikings map, because I wanted room for the cards.  You can downloaded it off BGG if you like.

The 2nd Edition version. I'll check your map out. Thank You.

Played: "When Lions Sailed", which was in S&T 268 , twice with my gaming group. The first time we had 3 players, the second time, the max 4. Not a bad game if you are the Dutch or English players. The superpowers of their day. The other players are the Spanish and French. This is only about global naval war and colonies in the 1600's. The map is the whole world. Has a max of 20 turns but the players pick how many turns they want to play. The first turn is slow, not enough money. Then on turn 2 you acquire more money than Fort Knox. Both times played just 2 turns. Took about 5 hours each. The second turn is 3-4 hours because you have so much money and the turn sequence allows fleets/units to carry out all the ops they want as long as you have the money. There are sudden death victory conditions which the English achieved in the first game. The Dutch achieved theirs in the second game. All this on turn 2 in both games. Its hard for the Spanish and French to win, but possible. The Balance of power syndrome. Overall the game is fun but just seems like to much money and the ability to do so much in a turn which is a year long.

I just set up Fast Carriers from the SPI' guys in the 1980's.

It's great, and has lasted the test of time.  I made only a small change to Dive bombing and Flak levels.

Six turns in playing Invasion:Earth by GDW.  I've had it for many years, set it up a couple of times, but never found an opponent.  I'm the Imperials.  The victory conditions are such that it is extremely tough to achieve the highest levels unless you get extremely lucky initially and can crush the Solomani defense fleets.  Otherwise, you've got to duke it out slowly and whittle away their SDBs (System Defense Boats).

I've finally launched the bulk of my assault on Earth.  I held too many troops out system because I didn't want to risk losing the transports if I had a run of bad luck with the Solomani SDBs or planetary defenses (PDs).  I also neglected to supply my jump troops and they wound up being slaughtered in Africa for a turn before I could fix the situation.

The rules are surprisingly rich with a decent amount of rules to address various special situations (armor, different types of space combat, supply, etc.).  It would be nice if the map was a little bigger.  The stacks fighting can get ridiculous (1000 combat strength points per side in a single hex could be at least 10 army-sized units and if each has a strength marker, watch out!).

Because of the aforementioned victory conditions, I'm looking at winning with what I've got.  Every time the Imperium requests reinforcements their victory totals go down.  At this point, I've got enough to achieve a mid-level if I can take and hold the necessary urban hexes.


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