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Just finished Enemy At The Gates with a group of 5.
Solitare Tunisia.
Played Twilight Struggle for the first time last week, and I'm totally hooked!

Also playing Men of Iron and Blackbeard.
Currently playing Hof Gap solitaire (what other way these days?). This is Volume 2 in the Central Front series and what a gem! I never actually played it against a live opponent but it sure captures the essence of modern what-might-have-been Nato vs Warsaw Pact. Soviet units burn themselves out attempting to blast their way through the thin Nato defenses as Nato struggles to hold the line and get in a blow or two.

Definately "Old School", the way I like 'em!
How many volumes are there?
Technically there were five:

5th Corps
Hof Gap
Donau Front
North German Plain

The last two had different game systems although all of the mapsheets could be linked together. Ths series was orignially designed by Charles T. Kamps.

5th Corps was originall published in S&T 82, Hoff Gap was published in boxed format, BAOR was originally published in S&T 88. Donau Front was published in S&T 131 and North German Plain in S&T 117.
Let's see....

5th Corps
Hof Gap
North German Plain
Donau Front

I think that's all. NGP and DF were done with the revised rules. I liked them better, but most people liked them worse.

So far, I like the Hof Gap rules. You really have to think about what you're doing and it's not a simple matter of moving up units, piling on, and rolling dice. The system is pretty subtle and it's taken a bit of trial and error to learn what works and what doesn't.
Broke out my old squad leader and ASL boxes after years of hiatus and started playing the intro scenarios Guards Counterattack and Fighting withdrawal . Anyway throwing out a line and seeing whats going on in with ASL ers Klencks
I've got The Devil's Cauldron on the table now. Not much room for anything else! :-) I'll be posting daily AARs in my blog.
Now I'm working on 5th Corps, the first game in the Central Front Series. The rules are bit more unpolished in places (Hof Gap cleaned things up some) but it still works (I use the Hoff Gap rules wherever there's a conflict). Definately interesting- watch the over-stretched 11th Armored Cav attempt to slow down the Soviet juggernaut!

So far, it's a real mixed battle- I dropped the 103rd Guards Airborne Division in the NATO rear to slow down the German reinforcements- the 5th Panzer Division. In the meantime, the US forces get to sit on their thumbs for the first three game turns...will it be too late?

A very interesting game system with the friction points and all.
Well, I had Strategy & Tactics #149 on the table, finally getting around to it. I punched and played "The Egyptian Campaign" -Napoleon's Campaign in the Middle East. A neglected period of Napoleon's Adventures in World Domination. The game turned out to be loads of fun ! AND I was solitairing it ! The "Forgotten Napoleonic Campaigns" is a highly simple system.No ZOC's, with a Sequence of Play that everyone knows well: Random Event Check - Reinforcement/Replacement - Move - Combat - Victory Point Check. There are Monthly Turns, Division and Brigades, Eliminations, Exchanges & Half-Exchanges , Retreats; also a seperate Siege Routine.

I had expected a dull, listless French Victorious Tour of the Mid-East. I got a Savage, Wild Hack-n-Slash Campaign !! Great Fun, The system has enough easy and simple Variable Routines that the game has a high replay value. Reinforcements are drawn blindly from the ubiquitious 'Opaque Container' and Replacements are 'recycled' (Units dead from the CRT are each rolled for, with a D6, to see how many turns later they re-appear. The Ottoman Dead are just simply tossed into the "Opaque Container" and drawn out by yet two more D6's -first dr to see how many, second to see which theatre they return to.)The random Events are nice and simple with minor effects...well, they can SEEM minor...three turns of 'Plague' and you can get annoyed. (But then, how historical is that ! I certainly recall reading about the problems everyone had back then!)

Now, I want to set up something. I SHOULD set up OCS "Case Blue". I hope to be playing "Case Blue" at Origins...in ONLY TWO WEEKS !!!! . I have a huge number of 'Games to Get To". The latest S&T "Red Dragon Rising" just screams out "Play ME !", since it has the immediate appearance of "War At Sea" with great-looking graphics; colorful map, neat and nifty looking counters, and an old "Us versus the God-less Commies" theme.

I am expecting GMT's "SPQR Deluxe" soon. Any Day now, really. The most effective way to make sure that SPQR appears at my door would be to set up OCS "Case Blue", or something else big and fun, maybe "The Killing Ground" or ATO Annual "Look Away". That was how I got both "Case Blue" and "Twilight in the East" to show up -I had OCS "Hube's Pocket" set up as I had only just received it as a Target of Opportunity Purchase from Noble Knight's Games.

OR, then again, I could set up a new scenario from "Men of Iron" ! I had played Bannockburn and loved it. Crecy seems like a good one to do next.

Ah, decisions and decisions.
I vote for a new scenario from Men of Iron. It's a cool game!
I asked about whether Case Blue was a worthwhile purchase from one of my regular gaming buddies and his comment was "only if you want to be bored to tears". That ended that idea right there for me. So if you want a highly electrified hydrant....


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