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I'd love to play that one. I visited that battlefield, at Chatanooga, in 2000, and it is one that the Union won.
I thought it was the Union that won but I wasn't sure! Are there any monuments at the battlefield? It will definitely be fun to play!
Chattanooga is a rather small battlefield, as it's adjacent to an urban center, but there's a park there, and a museum with a light-up diorama. If you're in the area it's worth a visit, and can be combined with a trip to Chickamauga, which is just a few miles away.
That would be fun to visit both battlefields! do you know how far away is Shiloh?
I think it's about 150 miles. I didn't make it to Shiloh on that trip, but my girlfriend at the time lived next door to Kennesaw Mountain,.so I saw that battlefield too, several times, along with Stone Mountain.
Currently playing Arkham Horror (now with all expansions - makes for a real HUGE game...you need a BIG table) which is a fantastic COOP boardgame experience with lots of Lovecraft atmosphere and great storytelling.

New on the shelf (will hit the table next weekend) is Battleground: Fantasy Warfare. We have two starters (Denny will play the Lizardmen and I'll command the Dwarves), the scenario book and the terrain package. Fantasy Warfare is our first miniatures game (although this one uses cards), so I'm curious :-)
I played the DG version of Battle for Germany last week when I had a couple of hours of downtime from moving. I was the Allies and East Front Ger's. Got my a## handed to me by Paul Works. ALthough I did manage to break thru the Italian line.
With summer here and my 14-year-old around the house most evenings, we have taken to playing Euros more than anything else. We recently picked up Tribune, Amyitis, Metropolys, Yspahan and Stone Age. As the kid starts school in early August, we will get back to some campaign game at that time (I hope). I guess now would be a good time to start reading rules and formulating a plan...
I heard that Stone Age was a fun game! One of my friends recently played it!
Yes, it is. Our group has taken a shine to it. I think it baffled my son on his first playing as he was looking for "something to blow up and someone to kill" and we explained this was not that kind of game. (Too many video games... ) As there are many paths to victory, we are all liking it. If you get edged out of a commodity or suffer bad die rolls, switch tracks and look for another way to gain points. I think this one is loads of fun.
I played two games of Red Dragon Rising today, Saturday. Had a great time. I do have to say that winning by random event seems to be tough on the opponent though. I had the "Taiwan drops out" and "Japan drops out" events come up and those won the game for me. With Taiwan quitting my struggling Chinese airborne troops survived. When Japan dropped out my expeditionary force to the Spratley Islands survived, and would not have otherwise. It was a close game, along with the first game that I won as the Americans. I really enjoy the game and subject matter.
Games Played This Week:

Friday: I played two games of Attactix's ARNHEM the other day and we had a ball. The game is simple, yet tense and really evokes the desperate stand of the British 1st Airborne and XXX corps drive to relieve them.

Wednesday: I also played three games of WaW OPERATION BARBAROSSA A good game but the rules are poorly organized and their is a huge need for a conversion chart for the Soviets. Still, a fun time was had by all. I will be playing another game of Op Barb tomorrow afternoon.

Monday: I played Axis and Allies's GUADACANALit was a pretty good game, better than I expected, even though I lost. I then trounced a buddy in Attactix's NORMANDY.


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