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I think that simulates the chaos of war pretty well! Does it work in the game?
Yes.This can be a real back and forth game by the middle of it.The Russians are tough to stop at 1st.You really have to position those HQ's carefully!
Thanks for the insight!
I have found some local ASL gamers in my area and have already managed to lose a couple of battles! LOL
I also picked up Downtown: The Air War Over Hanoi, 1965-1972. I know nothing about the air war over vietnam, but for some reason I couldn't resist buying a copy after reading game reviews, player comments, and the game rating at BGG. I downloaded the solo rules, because I do not expect to find any local players, and I hope to try it out some air raids this winter.
Packy, Have you tried VASL yet? It's a great way to play ASL online! I'm currently playing AP22 from AP 3 A Few Returned. It's a blast if you like the Italians! Good luck with your local gamers! ASL rocks!
I downloaded the VASL for future use. I'm burned out on computer gaming at the moment (except for my PC racing sims! :) and I have been fortunate to find many local players for FtF combat.
Yeah, ASL is quite fun! I've heard of the Action Packs (are these the packs of ASL scenarios?)...I'll have to take a closer look at these items.
The beauty of VASL is that it doesn't really feel like computer gaming (I too dislike PC gaming). Really it's just a vertical representation of the tabletop but without the need to worry about finger reconnaissance!
That is good to know. I'm burned out on computer gaming at this time, but I will grab the VASSAL version for Downtown.
I'm playing AVL on vassal now.
I just played my first Flames of War game Monday night. It was pretty much what I expected. The rules are pretty simple, the complicated part is researching and building your army(ies) of choice.

It was definitely fun, but I'm not sure I have the patience for the modeling part.
Flames of War...sounds like my ex...bada bing !!
We are in the middle of our first Storm over Arnhem game which will be finished next weekend. Interesting system, mounted map (the good ol' AH times..) , great theme. I start to really like it :-)


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