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Have you tried easy games like Hold the Line, or ASL Starter Kits? I found they are the right fit for older minds! :-)
I'm finding games like Storm Over Stalingrad, Eisenbach Gap, Conflict of Heroes and Combat Commander (obviously) are all hitting the sweet spot for me. An easy set of base rules with few (if any) exceptions, small footprint, quick play and nice visual presentation.

Sorry for yesterday's rant - I was cranky. I work with seven guys and one gal - and the one gal complains more than all the guys put together and it's usually about stupid things (from my POV anyhow). Some days I let the turkey get me down. LOL
No problem with yesterday's rant, it happens sometimes! Get rid of her! LOL

Eisenbach Gap is a modern game, right? I think some of the modern games can be predictable! I used to play Mech War '77 alot and it got to be predictable. Have you ever played Arab-Israeli Wars or IDF? They're fun games with smaller rulebooks! Right up your Alley!

I'm going to be cranky on November 4th! :-)
No, I have not played Arab-Israeli Wars or IDF (whatever that stands for). And I haven't played enough of Eisenbach Gap to fall into any set patterns of play yet.

Between football season which effectively kills Sunday gaming (can't complain, it's my choice...) and family stuff in the Fall (LOTS of birthdays, etc.), my game time is disappearing. So the little game time I have left will almost always go to some WWII title (my fave) or a Euro if friends drop by.
IDF stands for Israeli Defense Force. It is the sister game to MBT(Main Battle Tank). It is an updated version of Arab-Israeli Wars. Have you gotten a copy of the Drive on Metz? It is a fun little WWII game. Short and sweet! Here's to football season both pro and college!
Yeah, I have Drive on Metz. Played it once or twice. Seems like a good intro game.

Monkey our little boy Siamese cat is playing fetch with me right now with a scrunchie - I really have to make a movie for the Tube on this.

He brings it back, drops it at me, purrs up a storm, and when I don't respond fast enough he walks all over the keyboa bnh bn bn bn[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;[p;
My gaming time has shrunk to nil also. I've been playing ASL [Advanced Squad Leader] with what little time I have had. Right now I am playtesting some cool Budapest scenarios for an MMP submission.
Hold the Line- Bemis Heights Scenario
I'm playing Caesar XL for the next several days - then I'm not certain. Maybe Line of Departure's Gazala....
I have the Designer's Edition of Sinai spread out on the floor of an empty bedroom in my so-far very empty Chicago apartment (yay, no more hotels!). It'll stay a game room, until the family comes to visit that is, then chaos will ensue.

What stank is that I had all the time and space to do a game, and I have been sick as a dawg this whole week. I read about half the rules, but that's it. I'll try again next week, and see if I can't get some gaming in at home this weekend. Fortress Europa and Stalingrad are still set up in my basement.
On Monday night me and the boys (my two sons aged 8 and 12) played Decisions Games Blue & Grey the 1st Bull Run. I took the Johnny Rebs and my two sons took the Union (dad helped divide the command up).

They both caught on really fast after about a 20 minute lecture and example by yours truly.

The game is only 9 turns and we finished it in about 1.5 hours. On the last turn the Union rolled a 3 and won the game :-) and a great time and fun was had by all. Both boys ran downstairs to tell mom that the Union won at the 1st Bull Run and that Jackson unit was killed on turn 9. They also said Stuarts cavalry fought a hard fight but Kenny's Yanks took him out.

I think Dad and boys will be playing this game for a while so they can learn the ropes before moving on to 30 years war by DG.



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