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I know what you mean! Where can I find a copy of SPWW2?
You can get it direct from Shrapnel, who also offer a free version: http://www.shrapnelgames.com/Camo_Workshop/WW2/WW2_page.html
Tell mme more about it - worth rebuying?
Smitty, I certainly think so. You can download both WinSPWW2 and WinSPMBT to give it a try for free. If you really like the games you can purchase both for 39.95 each. The purchased version gives you increase screen resolution and a few tools.

If you need a tutor or the help tutor in either games is not a enough shoot me an email.

Lastly, the best way to learn is to PBEM against someone willing to teach you the ropes. I can certainly do that as well.

Best regards~
I used to play them a lot but since 9/11 and my time on the Joint Staff - a lot of gaming time simply didn't hapen. Now that I am no longer purple and my boys much older, I no seem to find more time - despite being TDY so much.

winSPWW2 is a great WW2 tactical game. Don't forgot the patches for both games.

Both are free, but the 39.95 version allows you to increase the screen size.

I have both the paid versions and love em both.
Thanks Don and Jim, I have downloaded and installed SPWW2 but I didn't get the patches yet! I'll do that now! I might be able to get the paid version for Christmas if everything goes well! :-)
Again, as I posted earlier give the free version a try, if you like it then jump up to the full version which besides what I posted above, also adds move PBEM slots and some other stuff.

I'd gladly teach you both the ropes and then let you guys hammer each other out. I have been playing this thing for years. and SPWW2 (now WinSPWW2) for the longest.

As far as I am concerned SPWW2 and SPMBT are the best with regards to OOB/OOA and AI.

I just tried the Omaha Beach scenario. I got to turn 5 and then saved it. It is really cool! I would like to play some scenarios by PBEM if you want to teach me. I like the free version so far. Thanks.

I don't know your email address and was going to send the below to you in email, I also added you as a friend.

I am at dlazov at comcast dot net


Okay, keep doing stuff solo, also if you can read through the tutorial (its in the help) for additional tricks and also look in the help for how to setup PBEM. I'll send you a turn this morning.

Which era and sides would you like? Also for the first few dozen games I suggest letting the AI pick our forces, the AI does a pretty decent job of it and will also give us suprises. The AI general picks historical type of units and tries to give us balanced forces.

I'll setup up something fairly easy for us, once you get your part of the turn you'll need to save the files in PBEM directory and then setup your password and then setup your units. Once done you'll send me back my part of the turn and I'll setup and then play will begin.

Here is some suggested times:

Russia, July 43, Russians vs Germans
Italy July 43, Germans vs US
Italy Sept 43, Germans vs UK
Russia Aug 43, Russian vs German
July 44, US vs Germans
July 44, Russians vs Germans
Sept 44 US vs Germans

These are all clear weather turns to get you used to movement & combat latter on we can do inclement weather if you like.
Vs. Starting HQ6 (the wife element) on wargaming with the Blue and Gray quad this weekend with Antietam.
That's a good choice. Chickamauga works too, and the worst is Cemetery Ridge. I think the only reason it was put in there was so SPI could say that there was a Gettysburg game in the box.


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