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Lately, I picked up the following tomes from Page One, MPH, Time Machine Studio, Fat Boy's and Borders:

'Anatomy of a City' by Kate Ascher
'The Bottomless Well: The Twilight of Fuel, the Virtue of Waste, and why we will never run out of Energy' by Peter W. Huber and Mark P. Mills
'Beneath the Metropolis: The Secret Lives of Cities' by Alex Marshall
'Weapons & Fighting Techniques of the Medieval Warrior: 1000-1500 A. D' by Martin J. Dougherty
'Pocket Battleship: Admiral Graf Spee' by Siegfried Breyer
'The German Battleship: Scharnhorst' by Siegfried Breyer
'German Rocket Launchers in WWII' by Joachim Engelmann
'The Yellow-lighted Bookshop' by Lewis Buzbee
'Mere Anarchy' by Woody Allen
'Iraq Insurgency: US Army Armoured Vehicles in Action (Part 2)' by Carl Schulze
'LAV & Piranha: The Extended Family' by Gordon Arthur & Steve Hearn
'German Sturmartillerie at War: Volume 1' by Frank V. De Sisto
'German Artillery at War 1939-45 Volume 1' by Frank V. De Sisto
'German Artillery at War 1939-45 Volume 2' by Frank V. De Sisto
'Panzerkampfwagen III and IV 1939-45' by Tom Cockle
'The Italian Army at War: Europe 1940-43' by Philip Jowett & Dmitriy Zgonnik
'Special Ops: Journal of the elite forces & SWAT units Volume 42'
'Barbarossa' by Robert Kirchubel & Bujeiro
'The Ascent of Money: A financial history of the World' by Niall Ferguson
'The War of the World: Twentieth Century Conflict and the Descent of the West' by Niall Ferguson
'Revolt in 2100 / Methuselah's Children' by Robert A. Heinlein
'Warhammer 40,000: Ice Guard' by Steve Lyons
'Warhammer Fantasy: Malekith' by Gav Thorpe
'Warhammer Fantasy: A Massacre in Marienburg' by David Bishop
'Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicum' by Graham McNeill
'Fairchild-Republic A/OA-10 Warthog - WarbirdTech Volume 20' by Dennis R Jenkins.

I have finished the Schiffer pictorials on the German warships. I have also finished the Concord pictorial of the LAV and Piranha family, the one about the A-10 and the one about the underground of the metropolis. I am presently reading the book on bookshops, one about German rocket launchers of the Second World War
and one of the infrastructure of New York City. Whee!
Revolt in 2100 / Methuselah's Children' by Robert A. Heinlein

Two of my favorites! Revolt in 2100 is especially good, vintage Heinlein.
Watching Rome....Katie seems sort of fascinated by the Roman era which I have tried before to intrigue her with as it has sex, violence and fightin'....
Yikes. Posted to the wrong thread. Playing rather than reading.
Just finished a solo game of the Heraclea scenario from Ancient Battles Deluxe.

Now I've got another solo game set up: Paul Koenig's D-Day: The Canadian Beach.

Played some Flames of War miniatures last night with a local club my buddy belongs too. With my investment in board games I've not joined in the miniature ownership myself, but love to play with the guys. I had a panzer grenadier mid-war force, and my opponent had an all tank US force. I'm very new to the game system, so it was a learning experience for sure - and a lot of fun.

We continue to play a lot of ASL as we get playtesting done for the March Madness ASL and ASLSK convention in KC, plus continue to playtest the Korea Module for ASL.
Currently have GDW Case White setup and ready to play. I will start it when I finish my ongoing game of South Mountain with the new LoB rules
Actually got the chance to play the L2 version of "The Russian Campaign" on Saturday. It was only a few quick turns to see if I remembered how to play.


Actually, I did. While I was clearly rusty from inactivity, it was nice to remember how the game worked. Many thanks to John Buck and Men At Arms in Commack, NY for thechance to remember what it was to PLAY wargames....
That is one of my favorite monster games, and I'm sure it was the first one for which I paid over a hundred dollars. But damn if it wasn't worth it.

I need to set up my new one and Russia Beseiged as well!

I pulled out Ignorant Armies the other night and I'm on my second game now. Iran won the first one but the second game is looking much better for Iraq. This is a good game.
Learning GBACW Wilson's Creek. All made extremely possible by Russ Gifford's very excellent slide show presentation of how this game works. Many thanks Russ to an excellent slide show!

As soon as I can budget it I am getting your CD.

I have a fervor for this system inspired by a friend of mine and your slides...


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