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I am playing "A Master Stroke: The Battle for Meiktila" does anyone know how the Brit brigades work for the impulse system?
I have a game of Great War in Europe Deluxe going on vassal with a fellow in Missouri. It has been very enjoyable .
Played S&T's remake of USAAF. I was the nazi player and lost early. My American adversary played well. He did get some lucky draws for targets to hit which didn't hurt. I tried to put into production more fighters than historical which hindered my fighter production. There is problems with the nazi production rules. Never played the original before so have no comparison. My adversary had. There was conflicting info on the forum site for this production. We just came up with our own interpretation of these production rules. I would of thought with this being a remake, all this would of been resolved by now. Overall I will still give it a positive rating.
I just played Napoleon's Last Battles (SPI) - solitair; but played A House Divided (Phalanx), Hold the Line (Worthington), The Mighty Endeavor (MMP), Napoleon's Triumph (Simmons?) and the War of 1812 (Columbia) and Hannibal (Valley Games) recently - with opponents. I also taught a couple of games to play Quatre Bras (from Napoleon's Lost Battles). Fun for me.
Silent War: I had just reached -1 torpedoes when the RTB rule clarification came out. I had been playing incorrectly so I scrapped the campaign for now.
RAF: Got crushed for third time in a row
Twilight Struggle: play against myself, but want the U.S. to win. So far, no luck

Getting B-29 Superfortress for father's day: this looks like fun

Interested in getting Fire in the Sky and the Wings of War Fire from the Sky when it comes out.

Recently finished a 13 mission campaign in Hornet Leader II. Just missed "outstanding"

I guess you can tell I am a solo consim player.
Played Hexasim's Marne 1918: Friedensturm. Only played Basic Scenario # 1,Operation Gneisenau, twice. I split with the French player with one win and one lose as the German player in each play thru. This is a very good game but with a complicated combat system. Plan to play the basic scenario #2,Operation Blucher, next as the French. Try defense now. Recommended.
Lots of ASL with a smattering of ATS and some Gringo!

Looking for an opponent for OCS.
Played June '44 yesterday... Really neat system. Next up is Bulge, and frankly, I like the system, the work put inot it form Dan Holte, but Bulge... Sitting on the fence on it... Altho I did order the follow up the June '44
Played GMT's Unhappy King Charles on Saturday. Hoping to get CoA's Summer Storm to the table soon.
I am playing GMT's new game: Unhappy King Charles. Its a very good game.

I regularly play Federation Commander / Star Fleet Battles with a small group of 4-5 people, a tactical naval game that simulates Star Trek ship combat, it's a classic.
Ukraine '43 (GMT)
Just finished a rather abrupt game of Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage. Tried a sea reinforcement of Carthage w/Hannibal - and was sunk [game over, man].


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