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    1 Flame unit rules in PG

    Flame unit rules in PG

    2 SPI Games I So Much Wanted To Love (But Didn't)

    SPI Games I So Much Wanted To Love (But Didn't)

    3 What are you playing?

    What are you playing?

    4 Bringing along the "Noobs"--Where to Start in GCACW

    Bringing along the "Noobs"--Where to Start in GCACW

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    My 8 year old daughter HOODWINKED me in Stratego. In the view from the Blue (my) side, you can see that one red unit 5 from the left and one up from the bottom - that was where my flag used to be. The other picture, from her view, shows my miner in the bottom-right corner, after plowing through a field of bombs, standing in the square in which her flag darned well ought to have been.

    We were approaching each other's flags at a parallel pace, or at least I thought we were. I calculated that I would likely nab hers one move ahead of her reaching mine, depending on the exact path she took, and my good fortune.

    She absolutely fooled my by setting up her bombs as a decoy to lure me in. I can't believe it...

    Oh well, I trained her well :-)
    Just back from Monstercon in Tempe. Played GMT's "Gustav Adolf"(Musket and Pike series), UGG's "History of the Roman Empire", and Fantasy Flight's "Wings of War". All very good games.
    Played CoH scenario 4 'The Monsters' as the GE; had to concede at turn 4, as the Sovs were grinding me up, and I had nowhere to go but down.

    After that, dominated a 3-player Catan:SfR game. Looking forward to L2's 'Russian Campaign' tomorrow!
    Got two games in of World At War:Eisenbach Gap - this system is holding up very well. I'm hoping Mark will move this this system into the Middle East wars - would be a great and seamless transition.

    Got introduced to Conflict Of Heroes... I have to say I wasn't overwhelmed. Don't think it will replace LNL as my tacsim.
    My son is here for the summer. So far this week, we have played June '44, D-Day at Omaha Beach (he was a technical advisor, not opponent for that one) and Striking the Anvil. Maybe I need to have him read the rules to a longer campaign-style game. Hmmmm...
    Kai, I know you're glad to have a new gaming partner! You guys have been busy playing alot of fun games. What is Striking the Anvil? Is that a WWII game? Have fun!
    Striking The Anvil is in the new Battles Magazine. Haven't played the game but the mag is awesome
    That's funny - I've played the game, but haven't read the mag yet. (I had to wait my turn.) I finally got my hands on it this weekend, but the kid wanted to play instead of let me read.

    My son has been playing Euro games with us for a few years now, but I only get to see him at Christmas and Summer breaks as he goes to school in San Diego (about 8-9 hours south of here) and lives with his dad down there. This summer, he has decided to jump into wargames with both feet. Cool by me!
    Andy, thanks for the information!

    Kai, More wargamers never hurt! I hope he likes wargames. Don't let him near ASL until he gets used to wargames! :-) What is he studying in school?
    He likes wargames and does fairly well at them for a newbie! We have tons of ASL material around the house. He has read through a bit, but we play CC more than ASL at home nowadays.

    Dev is a sophomore in high school - so this year has driver training, French, science of some sort, Geometry or Trigonometry (he knows, but I forget which one), more English, and I have already forgotten what else. (Great mom I turned out to be, eh?) He is leaning toward science and math pretty heavily the past few years, so it will be interesting to see where that leads.

    When he was 12 or so, I asked him if he had any idea what he might want to do for a job as an adult. He told me (with a straight face) that he wanted to raise an army of undead, take over the world and run things the "right way". Without batting an eye, I told him that was going to take a background in science and math, and English skills for taking thorough lab notes would be a good idea as well. His grades in all thoses areas have improved dramatically since that time. (At the back of my head is a little voice that whimpers, "It will be all your fault when he pulls that off!")
    An army of zombies? I hope Smitty hears about this!
    Is Smitty pro or anti Zombie?


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