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I get together roughly once a month with a group of 3 friends (Richard Hartland, Ian Metcalfe and Ian Wedge) on a Saturday at my place, to spend 6 or 7 hours playing. Here I Stand is the game currently underway during those session.

Once a week I get together Richard and Ian M ar Richard's for 2-3 hours play. Richard is primarily a Napoleonics (CoA and OSG) guy. 7 days of 1809 is being played there.

Most of my playing is via Cyberboard. Drawing to a close with Triumph of Chaos (v Barry Setser) and Prairie Grove (Kevin Treese). Gareth Scott (Gos) and I are playing our second The Next War scenario and Mike Puchio and I are playing Korean War - these latter two are both in their early stages.

Thoroughly enjoying all of the games.
Playing via Cyberboard: The Next War with Andy Loakes, The Longest Day with Andrew Brazier, and In Their Quiet Fields with Mark Novara.
Playing via email: Anzio with Russ Hopley
Playing face-to-face: Advanced Squad Leader with Graham Twine
Playing solo: Forged in Fire

Playing games via the computer in its various forms has re-kindled this old gamers habit. Thoroughly enjoying being back in the hobby, and spending far too much money on it. :-)
I've just bought 7 Days of 1809 because I want to try using it (with Cyberboard) as a campaign engine, then fight out the bigger battles in 3D using the new Histwar:Les Grognards game on the PC (much the same way that miniatures players would use Napoleon At Bay to create endlessly interesting set-ups for their tabletop dust-ups...) This kind of synergy is now possible between computer and traditional wargames, now that the PC games are so advanced and the board games have been digitized, and we have the Web to help us all find and talk to each other!
Currently playing the new GMT release Manoeuvre. Its wargame-lite. Seems I have very little time or table space for large sims atm.
I'm Playing Great War in Europe with my group
I'm starting to play playtest La Bataille Du Prince de La Moskowa with my group
I'm in stand-by with Jeff Sandelin to play L2 Streets of Stalingrad with ADC2 .....(for my computer problems with ADC2)
Play via -computer is great thing but I prefer face-to-face
We tried a three player game of World At War: Eisenbach Gap (LnL) yesterday. My first look at the game and Erik Nicely was guiding us along. Joe Keller has a good understanding and was playing the Americans. I tend to dislike LOS rules, as they are real hard to get right according to the feel of a particular map, and this was no exception. Also shows why I usually don't play too many tactical games...

My impression was mediocre, the counters were the thinest I've seen in a professional product lately and the basic bucket o'dice was the main flow. Some people love that, but not me. If I want that, I'll play Axis and Allies or Risk...

Relatively simple chit pull system which seemed to work rather well. However, I'm now worried how close it is to Corps Command: Totensonntag which I have coming in the mail and now might regret. Probably shouldn't have listened to the hype...
Tidewater Area Naval Gamers took the FIGHTING WINGS Quick Start Rules (QSR) out for a spin on Saturday, March 8th, with scenarios set in the Pacific War (Guadalcanal) and over England in 1940. You can catch the details at the TANG Group Website!
Just last night, (Why am I awake? The cat.), a friend and I started a game of Stalingrad Pocket II using CyberBoard. Butch is attacking my Rumanians with rocket artillery, overrunning my allies and attacking on the flanks. Oh what shall I do?

Two simultaneous playtest games of Caucasus (GMT P500) is going well. Game One (I'm Soviet and Mark Simonitch is German) will be a grand Axis victory as he has pegged the Victory Point meter. Tuapse, down the coast from Novorossisk (famous Soviet defense) has become a rock that the right German flank has become stuck on. See Black Sea, Black Death by Jack Radey for a tactical treatment of Novorossisk. In Game Two I am the Germans. My initial turns where whirlwinds but Krasnodar has become my Waterloo it seems. Try the first link above on BoardGameGeek. Look for the P500 link down the page for GMT's page on Caucasus.
We got a 4 player match of Wellington (GMT) started on Sunday using Vassal and Skype. We made it a little bit into 1813, with the French position looking very strong. But, things can change very rapidly if there is a big luck swing, so we'll see how things progress when we continue next Friday (tentatively).
Hey Rob,
With such a lovely lady looking over your shoulder, you should have a big smile on your face!!
Most recently played several scenarios from Flying Colors. Before that was a couple of battle scenarios from Habit of Victory, Eutaw Springs, Saratoga, GWAS Mediterranean, and Red Badge of Courage - First Manassas.
Christine, what is Flying Colors? I'm not familiar with that game.


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