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Laid out my first game of Fields of Fire this morning and I'm finding that the complexity of the game really doesn't match the intimidating rulebook at all-once you get a decent grasp of the order of play in a turn and the game's abstractions of volume of fire and LOS/engagement, it really flows well.

I think the cries of a sarbanes-oxley grade rulebook are unfair. It's actually laid out perfectly as a reference-if anything the problem isn't the rulebook but the lack of illustrated playthrough "out of the box" , which of course has now been corrected with PDFs from the game's website.
I have been playing the Last Stand at Moscow and Afrika 2 on vassal. I also have a solo of The Mighty Endeavor going. I'm interested to hear how Jeff does with The Big Push. I have it but have not played it.
Twilight Struggle; reading thru the Combat Commander rules [for first play next week], cutting counters for Elusive Victory.
ASL, VitP, Twilight Struggle, BKN, Fire in the Sky!
Continued the last game of Espana 1936, with the help of the photos taken, but soon found the Republican loosing the last objective city to render the Nationalist automatic victory condition of capturing more than 7 objective cities. So we started another game right away. In 5 turns, it was the Republican taking more than 7 objective cities winning the game. What a victory! I became to like this game more as I found out what the game was telling me to do beneath the surface of all the small cities circles...a very clever game system. I think it can apply to any pre-WW2 limited scale but a war on the national front, e.g the Russian Civil War or the Weimar Republic War.

After finishing Espana, we took out Lightning: Poland card game for another one and half hour play as we had time. Fun factor better than I would have expected and far better than Lightning: D-Day. Having said that, it plays much like a poker game in which you take out the enemy cards with your own of the same colors, not something unfamiliar to the designer's own other game series: Down in Flame. So basically what you've got would be an original WW2 air combat game engine being adapted to a land war in which the Germans take the time to build up a massive war machines (supposing along the border)and wait for the right time to strike, as the Polish trying to delay the German actions by winning the 3 delaying objectives before the German seize the initiative. The game system is designed to balance both sides well in order not to upset the weaker side Poland. However, up to a point when Poland lost the nerve (increasingly fewer forces available to attack and defend) and gas (i.e. the cards) to halt the German, the general initiative would pass on to the German side and from there, the Poland might have to see the German objectives being captured one by one. Reserve army is an important concept in this game. If you don't have the right army at the right time to defend, you will loose the war quickly. It is also vital to the counterattack plan where the Poland army, if ever one effective is still remaining , can attack and capture the last objective whenever the German loose on their guard. This is a fast, fun little game. A nice filler whenever you have time remaining in a convention or a day session. The choices of photo arts are very good for a card game, bringing out the key generals and feature tactics in the pictures. They add value to the game somewhat. We didn't finish our game after several rounds but my Poland opponent already took 2 delay objectives by the time he had to go.
I found Lighning Poland to be fun as well. We have played it a number of times. I was impressed enough I bought Lightning Midway as well. It plays even more like Down in Flames. Good AAR!
ASL and more ASL as usual...Also working through A Most Dangerous Time.
I've just succumbed to the Combat Commander series... played one or two games a year (at the Niagara Boardgaming weekend mostly) and finally picked up a copy of my own... and now my missus is playing too!
I taught my 8 year old daughter to play backgammon, and she took to it like a duck to water. I went easy on her for the first game yesterday (and of course she won) but this morning we played again. I didn't play easy on her, and she won fair and square.

Also this morning a 3 player Candyland. Walter, the youngest (4) was the winner, also a fair game with no 'baby rules' this time.

With my job hunting in full swing, I have no mind to concentrate on a wargame right now. :-(
Well for fun I have on the table Jedko's RC and Guelphs & Ghibellines from Europa Simulazioni.

Wanting do play some more old Rand games again. most likely getting the nod this week will be Rommel :The War for North Africa ,Vicksburg ,Cambrai 1917 and Napoleons Last Campaigns.

And the always there playtesting of games
I 'm into my second game of Hornet Leader II, and have order Band of Heroes...


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