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Played Conquest of Paradise again this weekend, on Saturday. Kim Beatty won with 24 points. The random events really helped out since he picked up a lot of heavy duty islands with exploration. I finally gave up exploring and took to conquering known islands including Fiji, just a few too little and too late.
I am reading over the rules for B-29 so that I can play in the campaign. I need to get in a few missions to avoid total newbie mistakes.
On Sunday, I played in a Cold War Commander 1986 Germany game. The Soviets came across the border and met up with American in a meeting engagement. A great set of rules, provided you do a few tweaks.
On the table: Marvel Heroes; on the Xbox 360: CoD4
Playing B-29 in all its printed glory!
went on ebay this week and will be playing europe engulfed, totaller krieg and red god very soon
I would be interested to hear how "Red God" plays out. Do you post AARs?
Right now, I have two games going. I'm playing Across Suez, the old SPI/ decision game against a mate in Australia, and I'm playing Avalon Hill's MBT solitaire. Well, I'm playing my own version of MBT, using a chit activation system that I made up myself.
Well it's a little late but over the last few weeks here is what I have been playing.

Italia (Phalanx Games) with Chris Fawcett and Hank (did not catch his last name. It was a blast fun little game.

World War II (SPI 73) solo with my self (4 turns before wife squashed it)

The Drive on Metz (VPG) solo (Allies won - oh I beat myself darn!)

Axis & Allies D-Day (AH) versus my two sons, Dad won as the Germans twice and Nate won as the Germans once, Kenny & Dad almost won as the Allies St. Lo had one German Panther we could not beat on turn 10. Great fun with the boys. It's Card Driven, so EotS may not be too far off for them (lol).

Next up DG Blue & Gray with both sons and then DG 30 Years War (not sure which first perhaps 30 Years).

After the fun I had with Chris I am looking to get a few Phalanx Games for me and the boys. I really want to get them into Hexes thou so I am picking up EotS (have a local fellow that has it and is willing to beat me senselessly in it (lol).
I went to the GMT West weekend and had a blast playing the FAB Bulge, which isn't fast but is fun. I got in a couple of games of Combat Commander, including one of the new scenarios from the Stalingrad set. Last but not least was a game of Pacific Typhoon.

I have to say that I had a great time and am looking forward to the next GMT weekend. My next convention will either be The Shield or ConQuest SF/Pacificon.
Just finished up GMT's weekend of gaming. Played SPQR, CATAPHRACT, and PACIFIC TYPHOON . I prefer GBOH regular and thats what I played with Ralph Shelton from Seattle. He preferred GBOH Regular also. We played the two battles of Herdonia from the new C3i, and Zama for SPQR. We played Callinicum from CATAPHRACT. We split the wins 50, 50. I joined in a game of Pacific Typhoon for a try. It was OK. I will be at Monstercon in may for more gaming of SPQR.
What's Pacific Typhon about? Were there many guys playing Manouver at GMT West? While you were gone I ordered & received Caesar XL, a little strategic Roman Civil War game from Victory Point Games. I think you'd like to try it.
Pacific Typhoon is Atlantic Storm halfway 'round the world - WWII-themed card game where Allied and Japanese air, surface fleets and subs fight over various battlegrounds of the Pacific and numerous ships, as well. I believe it is what is called a "trick-taking" game. Loads of fun to play with lots of interesting historical information on the cards. I recommend it.

As for Manoeuvre, it looked like EVERYONE played at least one game during the GMT West weekend. Seriously, every time I looked around, there was at least one game in progress. I sat down and played four in a row with various opponents one of the afternoons. And Mark K. ran a single-elim tournament one of the days.
I don't know if I could play 4 games in a row. I would be pooped out! Seriously, it's great fun. Did you enjoy the weekend?


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