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Lee, I had a GREAT weekend, enjoyed it immensely! There were 50-60 guys there playing a wide range of games, a few playtests and our usual CC demos. Got to put a few new faces to names I know and get re-acquainted with friends I only get to see at these events.

The only downer the whole 4 days was one bad (really, really bad!!) meal at a new local restaurant. First time I have ever walked away and left well more than half a meal sitting on the table. Chadwik was similarly unimpressed with the food.
Sorry about your meal. Some restaurants just don't measure up. I can't wait for CC Pacific to come out in Sept. I'm still working through CC:E and the battle pack. What did they playtest?
Dan Holte had his "Battle for Normandy" out, as well as another design he is working on (I think called "Supreme Commander"), Lyman Leong was working on an WWII East Front game, "PQ-17" was being demoed, and Dana Lombardy dropped by with a tank game.

And Chad and I both got to sit in on a few games we had not played before: Steve Carey was nice enough to teach us both "World at War: Eisenbach Gap", Chad played "Pandemic" and we both played the new "Blackbeard".
Right now I have Manila '45 set up.
Started a game of Strike Them a Blow last night. First time for either of us to play the system so got about 4 turns in, but we seem to be moving along now.
Tom, CWB series will get you hooked. Seriously. If you like STAB, just wait until you play the Seven Days' Campaign using that system...to say nothing of THUNDER AT THE CROSSROADS, NO BETTER PLACE TO DIE, or BARREN VICTORY.
I'll second Thunder at the Crossroads, as it's my favorite Gettysburg game of all time.
newbish wargamer buys Devil's Cauldron for fun and insanity. Anyone in the Upper Bucks, PA area wants to join in email me. :D
Aside from that I've been learning Panzer Grenadier & Saganami Island Tactical Simulator (wheeeowwwww!) ;)
Ran through scenario #1 of WaW: Eisenbach Gap tonight. At the end of Turn 7, I had control of all but one victory objective hex, was in the city and poised to pounce on the poor Yankee MI13 with two T-72s and a reduced HQ. Would have won, but the two turn end markers came up back-to-back at the beginning of Turn 8. Well, poop!

My tactics pretty well sucked during the game as I was concentrating too hard to remembering everything and not just playing the game. Now that I have a handle on (about half of) what I need to remember dice-wise, movement-wise, etc. the next game should roll a little smoother.
Kai, that WaW #1 scen really starts to change after you begin to understand the rules. We saw major differences in US set up after we understood the rules better.

Wait till you move on to a bigger one with lots of smoke in play, that gets really interesting.
I'll bet! I only got four rounds of HE and one Smoke and put all to good use except the last HE round. Really frustrated the heck out of my opponent. Loads of fun!

I'm looking forward to wrapping my head around this one and trying some bigger scenarios.


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