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Arkham Horror by FFG arrived at the door. High quality material and a rather interesting boardgame coop experience if one can trust all the enthusiastic reviews. We are going to learn/play the game next weekend. Anybody else here playing this one?
Oh, dear I have dug up what is left of my ASL collection, after 14 years away I am getting back in. It sucks you right back in. Now I am playing with VASL and craving the face to face with a local group that meets once a month.

VASL and Skype is almost just like face to face, absolutely fantastic.

Did ASL Scenario C last night solo with a friend watching and on Skype at the end of the first German phase I think we both want to game each other.
I just recently started playing on VASL and it is fantastic. It is almost like FtF. If you want to play a game, let me know. My name is Gunny 1500. Good luck!
Lee sounds good. Is that a space between? Mine is dlazov66
I'm not sure if there is a space between.
B-29 sounds interesting! I think South Mountain would be fun too! Good luck in your recovery!
I have decided to go with OCS "Case Blue" due to it being several weeks since I have played any OCS and I am hoping to play "Case Blue" at Origins.....IN TWO WEEKS !!! Something I am looking forward to. (I hope I didnt just jinx it).

I am setting up the "Kharkov 1942; The Failed Offensive" scenario. It is one map -a rare thing in "Case Blue" and favors the Germans, unless the Soviets really do their Offensive as best and and lucky as possible.

"Only if you want to be bored to tears"....it does seem to me that OCS is one of those games that either you like it, get involved in it and end up totally obsessed with it OR you just hate it. I, myself, only became involved with OCS in 2005, buying "Enemy at the Gates" for $25.00 from the MMP booth at Origins 05. I started playing and just 'fell in love' with the system. it is now one of my all time favorites! (the others being GBACW and the "Wacht Am Rhein"/ "Korsun Pocket" Bn/Co-level). I am extremely fortunate to have friends down in Columbus, OH who also are fans of OCS and I get to play Face-TO-Face with them. I can enjoy OCS either way, FtF or Solitaire.

But I can also understand those who arent as enamored with the game as I am. I cant put my finger on it, but it seems as though the individual player either 'gets it' as a system or the player has a few different opinions on the modeling and then these snowball into not liking the system.
My first experience with the system was with Guderian's Blitzkrieg, and my group hated it. I was in the minority at the time, and probably still am, but I thought the problem was that we weren't using the advanced rules, and that would have really made the system. Since then, I've grown a lot of respect for OCS, and still think that you have to commit to it entirely, and not go for OCS Lite, or don't play it at all.
Back on the table: Red Star Rising. I saw this being played at the Expo and remembered having a good time with the game. So when we got home from Arizona, I brushed up on the rules. Got home from work the other night to find my opponent had the map set up on the game table and was sorting through the counters to get us set up. We have slowly pushed through three game turns, trying to get back into the swing of things.

When I say "slowly" what I really mean is that my opponent crashes into me, wipes out entire forces and sets himself up in my ZOC to disable my much-needed retreat. Then I slowly agonize over what few options I have left, make a few low-odds attacks in an attempt to push myself back from the front to allow some semblance of an orderly retreat to better positions. As we are playing the "Russia Resurgent" scenario (Sc. #4), I am not taking personal responsibility for my poor starting position. I am just trying to make the best of things and get myself set up for more coherent defense of the Motherland. And, as I had remembered doing before, I am having a good time!
I was one of those playing RSR at Monstercon. I played the Axis and won for the second time. It looks hard for the Russian player because of the greater mobility of the German units, especially the tank units. The German player can move his tank units twice before the Russians can per the unusual sequence of play. Also, have two strategic moves for the German tank units. I like the game a lot but must play Russians next.
I like the puzzle the Russians present. How to get out of contact in order to fall back into better positions to buy time for reinforcements to arrive... I have already made a mistake in not clustering my A and B units together for the Russian version of schwerpunkt (spelling?). I was trying to use them as fire brigades in response to imminent German breakthroughs in the center and south. Once I realized this (well, once my opponent pointed it out), I disengaged them and manouevered them into a group for (hopefully) better effect. We'll see what this gets me. Things are not looking good, so I must be doing something historical. :0)
I have played The Russian Campaign which has a similar theme and it is more fun to play the Russians because of the challenges they face. You have to slow down the Germans while preserving some of your forces to save Moscow. That's good that you're having fun. Do something ahistorical! :-)


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