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Something ahistorical would be losing as Russia... I think I can do that! Unfortunately, playtesting on another game required that table space, so we scrapped the game for now and will try again later.
what are you playtesting?
A new game Chad and I are designing together. It handles up to six players, so we needed the bigger table. More details later when the "boss" says its time to go public. (To be honest, I didn't think anyone read my posts, so I figured I could slip that one by...)
Sounds like fun! I'll wait for the details! :-)
Playing Hexasim's Marne 1918 and getting whooped as the French. I've held back the Germans to about historical results so far, but I think my casualties have been a lot worse.
Played Blackbeard and CC:Med last night! It was fun but I got my butt beat in CC:Med! We played Tussle at Maleme! I couldn't get fire cards when I needed! Great fun anyway!
I played Jena 20 and Albion 20 from Victory Point games. Both of these are interesting titles. I lost Jena 20 twice as the French! The first time I tried to take out an isolated corp on the first turn then got stomped in retaliation. The second time I was unable to find any isolated corp to kill off and the Prussians just kept getting stronger and stronger. It's a tough game for the French, and of course I'm no Napoleon!
Albion 20 was a fast fun game. I managed a draw as the British so i was pretty happy. I traded time for space and managed to kill off a couple of units. I would play this one again.
I played Red Dragon Rising on Saturday. I lost to one of my regular opponents, Kim Beatty. He managed to take both Taiwan, relatively early. I took my eye off the ball and he got the Spratley's with a well planned amphibious assault that I wasn't able to stop. We are looking to play this again next Saturday.
Iron Tide : Panzers in the Ardennes.

Barren Victory

And currently learning SPQR.
Played a couple of games of Triumph of Chaos; Very fiddly, but *wow* what a game if you can stomach the steep learning curve! Other CDGs are a little simple for my taste but this one is near perfect.

Soloed the first scenario of Here Come the Rebels ("South Mountain") from the old GCACW series . I was surprised at just how fast and fun the system is; I was expecting some complexity but as it turns out learning the rules took only a couple of hours. Can't wait to get right into this system.
GCACW is a fun series! I got GTC recently and it looks a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy it!
Yeah I think GCACW will see a resurgence in popularity. The system is just too fluid and fun to be ignored, better than many of the newer hex and counter games around today.

The question is, when will we see a reprint?
Ed Beach is working on a new module called Battle above the Clouds! It's about the battle, I think in Tennessee, where they climbed way up a mountain to fight! I can't remember who won! It's being playtested now I believe!


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