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Katie got out of the 5 -6 " inch phase - but she was smokin' in those...still - that's a lot of unbought games....
Speaking of womens shoes?Any how I'm playing DitT on the vassal mod that just came out today.Its pretty nice.Took me 3 hours to solo 2 turns but I'm new to the game.I think I'll be learning this all weekend!
I plan on looking at Israeli Independence this morning after walking the dog and then running five miles. I am stoked over this little game. I am reading 1948 in conjunction with it - an alright book. Very good on the subject but skips around sometimes. Needed better maps.
Who publishes Israeli Independence?
Thanks! I might have to pick up a copy.
I just played scenario three of Eisenbach Gap. It was a tough scenario with some interesting choices for the US player. My opponent forced me into making a rough choice of bypassing the best route for my company of Abrams or taking fire from a couple of platoons of Russian infantry. I decided to chance the fire of the Russian infantry. It worked, but might not under other circumstances. It took to the last turn for me to secure a victory as the Americans.

I find that I don't mind the bucket of dice in the WaW system even though my perception is that I normally roll low on the curve.
Just started my first game of Proud Monster.I've been wargamming the Eastfront since AH's Stalingrad but I missed this one.
Just played four games of ASL at the Sioux City ASL Tourny at MAGECON 25. As the 25th anniversary of the event, the tourny was free admission this time.

I went 2-2, so not quite as well as hoped, but lost to great players and I learned a lot :-)
Not too shabby, 2-2! Just playing ASL is a blast! Learning is the key! :-)
The only way to go!


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