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1960 - fascinating game. isn't it?
I'm also going to try the new Solomon's Campaign and Asia Engulfed along with the 2 games the lovely wife got for me today.....,
Lot of oldies here.GWiE, Death in the Trenches,Proud Monster and one newbie I'm playtesting.
Currently playing War of the Ring with the expansion in preparation for 3-4 days of gaming with Denny and a good friend of ours in two weeks.

Recently I bought the Reiner Knizia LOTR coop game but that is still sitting on the shelf. Some do really like it, some do really hate it, I wanted to see it myself :-)
Anybody here having some experience with this one?
Just got done Wednesday with Rage Against the Marines.

I played the Japanese with Tony Adams as the US player. I think it went to turn 7, and Tony got his 40 VP then.

It's a great little game, and I think well-represents both the hopelessness of the Japanese position, and the ever-present danger they pose to the US forces as they advance across the island. Fun stuff!

How complex is this game (I got it but have not even really looked at it)?
Not very complex at all. I read the entire set of rules on the Metra on my way to Tony's. Maybe 1/2 hr. reading.
Cool. I'll have to punch it out. And see.
For something fun and addictive try Israeli Independence.
Started a game of COBRA on Saturday. We just played Turn 15 to get a feel for the system so we can get cracking for real when we have some free time. By the end of just one turn my poor head was spinning! Trying to remember who can stack with whom, whose combat value gets doubled, whose gets halved, shift up a column, down two columns, cha cha cha... What should be an elegant dance of death has turned into a toe-stomping tango.

But now that we have pushed the cardboard around a little, I will go back and re-read the rules before we sit down to play on. Maybe some of this will gel for me. I generally enjoy a complex game of this type, but maybe I'm getting lazy... I just don't want to remember all the exceptions and special cases anymore. Maybe I should troll through BGG and see if anyone has posted some player aides that will get me out of this funk...
Kai, you are a wargaming slut so if anyone can figure out Cobra, you can! Seriously, it sounds like Kasserine with lots of modifiers and different colored units with different capabilities as far as stacking, movement, combat, etc.
Oh, I know I can figure it out... the question is: Do I want to?

I find the older I get, the easier I want the base mechanics to be in my larger wargames. I get annoyed with games that have exceptions and special rules for things that happened by chance in the first place.

Say a platoon of Canadians had managed to sneak past all German picket lines, approach their desperately-needed fuel dump and blow it to high heaven. If that had happened, then game designers would feel compelled to shoe-horn the event into game terms by rigging it with special rules, exceptions to other rules, etc. In reality, they should have been spotted LOOOONG before they got anywhere near the fuel dump to begin with. So I think the game should allow the possibility without all the special rules that are necessary to "make it happen". Does that make sense?

Sorry - I'm cranky from having to work all day with feeemales. [shudder]

Wargame Slut out.


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