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Way to go, Dad! Are they eager for another go, at that or another title?
Just finished "Battle of Sentinum" from Barbarian module of SPQR. Its a good pick. Won as the Roman player but the game looks even, could go either way. Had some time left over so my buddy Steve Keifer introduced me to DG's card game, Midway. I played the Japanese and lost. No beginner's luck here but I sunk two Yankee carriers. I did better than History. I still lost my four carriers. This card game was not bad. I've played only one other card game, GMT's Pacific Typhoon. I prefer Midway over Typhoon. You have a side in Midway but do not in Typhoon though there is the fun of a multiplayer game.(Up to 7 I think.) Midway is one on one. Next time we play DG's remake of "Barbarossa". I will play the Soviets, my favorite side to play in East Front games of WWII. Also, been solitaring DG's remake of "Cobra". Had some problems but nothing to much, not fixable, so far. I have the original and the boxed 2nd edition. I always liked this game so have high hopes for this new version.
Currently near the end of a scenario of Russia Besieged against the WBC champ. Kind of Russian Campaign on steroids. More detailed, better depiction of combined arms, shows the wearing down of the German army better, and has much better prospects of a successful late game Russian offensive.

Recently finished a game of Monty's Gamble--Market Garden using the Storm over Arnhem/Breakout Normandy system. Good dice early, horrible dice in the middle, then ok at the end to pull it out as the Allies.

Recently finished two games of Fire in the Sky. My opponents left key bases open and my Japanese stormed to early victories. I'm the GM for a PBEM tournament currently well into round 1.

Late in a multiyear campaign of double blind umpired 6th Fleet (VG). The Ruskies have a big lead, but have lost contact with the American amphibious invasion forces.

Currently in the ladders of Breakout Normandy, Russian Campaign, and Victory in the Pacific.

At the WBC I also played We the People and Attack Sub, plus a pickup game of the original Bismarck.

I did a little solitaire of A Victory Lost. Interesting game. I wasn't nearly aggressive enough with the Russians and the Germans won easily. I think the Russians need to infiltrate more with their armor, hoping that they get to move again before the Germans can kill the salients.

On the table waiting for time to start a solitaire playing is Bomb Alley.
Combat Commader with VASSAL
First introduction to OCS by playing a very very small part of AGN in GBII + CB.

Blast, fun, excellent, wonderful, frustrating, killer fun!
Playing Red Badge of Courage (Battle of First Bull Run) and tons of ASL
I am currently getting good action with MMP's Storm Over Stalingrad. I am mostly introducing a lot of new gamers to wargames at the FLGS here in Victoria BC.

Right now I'm playing a computer game for analysis in Line of Departure. The game is Conquest of the Aegean from Matrix Games, and I daresay that I'm extremely impressed.
The same design team's "Battles From the Bulge" will be out any time now, and it promises to be even better!
Finished playing DG's remake of "Cobra" solitaire. Allies won of course. Played cautious with the Allies and too aggressive with Germans. The rules are a problem. There were several questions and clarifications I needed but had them all answered. It was a little time consuming, though. The rules should of been more clear. Now that I have debugged Cobra I'm ready to play FTF. Now started AP's "Red God of War" solitaire.

Also, playing 3 games of Matrix's TOAW III with the two friends. Two, with the same friend, are the WWII WIE scenario of 405 turns long. Turns are 1-2 hours even with the computer. I'm the Soviets in both. I destroyed Army Group North in my 41 Winter offensive because my Axis friend tried a gamble and it did not work.(Remember, fog of War). We started the second game, so he could try a better plan, but I wanted to continue the first for obvious reasons. So, we compromised on playing two games, side by side, sorta. We are both retired and have lots of time on our hands. The victory conditions are very simple. The Soviet takes Berlin by the last turn(405), he wins. If not, the Axis wins. No points to worry about.

The third is the Guadacanal scenario. I'm the Americans and a non-retired friend is playing the Japanese. Its a shorty, 25 turns long. Its a draw right now with 3 turns left.
Nine Navies War and having a blast with it!
I'm playing a solo game of 'The Russian Campaign'. The rules are quite simple and there are only about 200 counters. It fits on a corner table in my bedroom.


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