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Combat Commander! Scenario 26 and 28! They are tough scenarios but fun to play!
Kursk from S&T 253. I started messing around with this tonight after I came out of my Turkey coma.
It still has yet to arrive here in the MD/DC area...GRRRRR.....
Right now I'm getting into Command and Colors: Ancients. I am VERY impressed, it is a really good, playable, interesting game.
Have you tried Hammer of the Scots? It is a fast, fun game!
Net yet, but down the road I suspect that I will.
It is tough to be the Scots!
Finished playing AP's 'Defiant Russia' and 'Red Vengeance". They are Barbarossa and the Soviet drive into Germany respectively. There is a lot of die rolling because each combat point is a die roll(d6). I found on Grognards a d10 CRT that is much easier plus some house rules that help out. Each game can be played in one setting and have some nice chrome to enhance playability; Beer and Pretzel games. Both are good easy games to play.

Received my copies of S&T's 'Kursk', ATO's 'Operation Cartwheel', World at War's "Bulge" and GMT's "Chandragupta" all in the last 10 days. No room on my gaming table for now. Sigh!!
Sounds like a pleasant problem to have! :-)
PLaytested some Korea ASL last Friday. It was really nice to see this project getting traction and getting into the meat of PT the scenarios. Still some rules clarifying going on, but we think the concepts are fairly solid.
Finally packed up my HASL Stonne 1940 layout (I'm prepping to play Scenario 3 against Ryan Schultz one of these days) and punched my copy of MMP's STORM OVER STALINGRAD. Now, bear in mind that I was one of the playtesters for Avalon Hill's venerable TURNING POINT: STALINGRAD back in the late 1980s and I was prepared to have a jaundiced attitude towards what I felt was TP:S "Lite." Oh no. Oh no, no, no. This is a very different game experience! And I'm doing it solitaire so I know the cards each side has! Can only imagine at this point what it will be like against a live opponent. So I'm hooked on this puzzle and will be tinkering with this one for quite a while....at least until I can get STONNE: 1940 back on the table!
Is Stonne 1940 from Critical Hit?


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