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Played GMT'S "Successors III". Played the 4 player version. Never played the earlier editions. I was Ptolemy and Lysimachus. If familiar with the game, I'm in Egypt and Thrace(Bulgaria). Pretty far from each other. Everyone else were closer to their leaders than me. The luck of the draw. No one had played this game before, so we were slow going at first. We went to the middle of turn 2; when the Antipater/Antigonus player achieved a Auto-Win. It took us about 5 hours to go this far. Each turn has 5 strategy phases. These are mini-turns. We were going much faster by the time the game ended. I liked this game and would play it again and again. Oh, I came in last. Good job GMT.
Right now we are playing Storm Over Stalingrad (MMP). Just finished it third time, currently learning how to play with the Germans.
I played a 4 player Sword of Rome yesterday. Had a blast as the Roman (until they all ganged up on me Ha Ha). Good game!
Last night Jim, Katie and I played Last Night on Earth, a Zombie vs. Humans game. Rather tense and fun. The rules at several sections are vague and need some attention - this is from Jim and my wargaming perspective. Not looking for loopholes but some critical items were left "vague". Still we hada hoot and found that at a basic level it is alos a bit of a wargame as well.
Yes, it's great fun, and I'd like to play it again. You do need a tactical sense in order to do battle with the maliciously undead.
ASL via VASL email. Working on a bunch of ASL playtesting for Bounding Fire Productions LLC. We're going to be bringing out some amazing ASL Compatible products soon!
I've been playing some games in the Der Weltkrieg World War One series. I'm currently playing The Schlieffen Plan . I'm pretty impressed with this series.
Solitaire PC, Shogun Total Warlord Edition (yeah there actually is a difference). For me this is the best of the series.

Last Face to Face my own Gross Jagersdorf print and play. One thing rough about playing your own game is that you always have to give the other guy the breaks on the rules interps but still fun.

Last FTF PC The Operational art of war III, Chosin scenario

Last Multi Player FTF, Risk 2210, Its good to take over the moon
Spending time, when I get some, to read & play Island War Deluxe by Lock 'n Load Publishing and also Clash for a Continent by Worthington games. The British are fighting their way to Bunker Hill-bit of a slaughter though in the centre with both their flanks doing much better. Great game with Action Points mechanism. Really like these action points which are throwing plenty of chaos to both sides.
I played two games of 'Race for the Galaxy' and one of 'Pillars of the Earth' yesterday. Sadly, no wargames, not for the last few years anyway.
Played "Warriors of God" by MMP FTF. Its a very good game but lousy on History of the period. The name was a misnomer, for me, because I thought it was referring to the Christian counter-crusades against the muslim crusades. It's on the wars among the Franco-Norman aristocracy for control of France/England from 1135-1453. Played 4 times.

Also, played VPG's "D-Day Juno". A good little game on the Canucks D-day landings. I have all the other games in this series but this is the only one played so far. I will have to play all the others just based on the one FTF playing of this one.
I have 2 games of RSR on vassal. I'm starting a game of Russian Front on vassal and I played Drive on Kursk today!


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