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I think he is a zombie :)
I'm not sure, but I'm sure he'd offer his services as military adviser to your son's noble effort.
I like both CC and ASL equally. I'm trying to learn how to use CC on Vassal. I bet you guys and girls have alot of fun playing CC around the house! I can picture Chad aiming a panzerfaust at you or your son while it rests on the couch. Oh, oh, everyone is broken and needs a recovery card! :-)

With more kids taking science and math, we can compete better with the Chinese and Japanese! I hope he does well at it and finds a good profession that he likes it. I like studying biology and physical sciences. Oceanography would be cool but I wouldn't want to be out on the water all the time. Tell your son good luck with his zombie army and be sure to march on the White House with the undead! It wouldn't be much different than what we have now! :-)
playing paths of glory, now i know i like card games.
A Bridge Too Far
1/32nd scale miniatures game based on the movie.
June 14, 2009, from 3 till 7 PM.
Using Bloody Tarawa/Bocage rules in The Games of War.

18th September, 1944, Arnhem on the Rhine. British 2nd battalion of the Parachute Regiment (Christopher K. -40+ yrs old, Joshua K. 10 yrs old, and Shelby L. about 9 years old) hold on to their side of the Arnhem bridge on the lower Rhine. The Brits have about 49 officers and men, with 1 30 caliber mg, 1 lt mortar, and 3 PIATs.
The 9th SS Panzer Division (Bob O, about 60, Jimmy S., Austin L., and Charles C. – all about 13-14 years old) held the southern end of the bridge and began an attack to seize the bridge. The SS had about 180 infantry, 2 sdkfz halftracks (1 with a 75mm gun), 1 Marder IIIM self-propelled anti-tank gun, 2 sturmgeschutz assault guns, and a panzer IV and Panther tank.
The first assaults were held up by accurate sniper fire by the British. As the German armor drove up the road, a critically wounded SS officer was left in the road. Mistaken for dead, the sturmgeschutz rolled right over him! The paratroopers’ mortar began lobbing shells further disrupting the German attack. The commander of a stug was shot and killed. Eventually, his crew went on with their mission and began to cross the bridge. As the armored vehicle was halfway across, the paras opened up with a flamethrower, immolating the stug and its crew. The Brits now had an effective road block that not only blocked other armored vehicles, its flames and exploding ammo prevented any infantry crossing as well. The SS response was to blast the flamethrower operator with a panzer IV shell!
19th September, the Germans renewed their attack by attempting to tow the still burning sturmgeschutz off the bridge. During the night, volunteers had rigged cables to the wreck and the Panther tank. As dawn broke, the Panther pulled the stug off the bridge despite harassing mortar fire. Another Sturmgeschutz and the panzer IV provided covering fire on the flanks while the Marder watched the main road.
SS panzergrenadiers charged the bridge and were met with a hail of fire. The sturmgeschutz on the right was hit by a PIAT and blew up. Accurate fire from the 30 caliber machinegun ripped through a German squad. The German attack was broken up. The German commanders had been unorganized and bickered over strategy and tactics. They continuously forgot about contacting their artillery support even as British mortar rounds dropped among them. Their morale proved their undoing.
Casualties for the first “day’s” fighting were: 8 British paratroopers, 22 SS Panzergrenadiers, and 1 sturmgeschutz. Casualties for the 2nd “day” were 7 British paratroopers, 21 SS panzergrenadiers, and 1 more sturmgeschutz. The British defenders had held.
Still playing scenarios from Hexasim's "Marne 1918". Played scenario #2 as French and won on the last turn, last throw of the die, etc. Very close game. Planning to play scenario #4, Foch Attacks.This is the only basic scenario that has the allies on the offensive. Now lets see how the Germans do on defense.

Playing from Musket and Pike, "Gustav Adolf the Great"(GMT). The battle of Dirschau/Tczew with Swedes(me) against the Poles. Most units are Calvary. At the moment its neck and neck. Anyone's battle. Very tight scenario and lots of fun.

Played "Britannia" Its a remake but forget the company. It was my first time. I came in second. We played the 4 player version. It can get a little boring at times but overall had a good time. Must try again.
A couple on the go..Here I Stand 2player variant via Vassal, with roughly a turn done nightly. Once a week also getting together for a continuing ftf game of Fire in the Sky..up to about turn 8 with the US war effort about to crank up. Roughly evert 2nd week a continuing campaign of Soldier Kings by Avalanche...suprisingly good.

Overall, just not enough hours in the week!
Played Columbia Games EastFront Scenario Kursk twice as the Soviets. Lost twice. Not much into rolling dice for 4,5, 6's. I prefer Europa's or WIE versions of the Russian Front of WWII.

Finished playing more of GMT's Gustav Adolf battles of the 30 Years War. Played so far Dirschau, Honigfelde, and Brietenfeld. Next up, Alte Veste. This is a great Series.
Played Battles of Waterloo by GMT - (Quatra Bras scenario) and Napoleon's Last Battles (Historic Wavre), (Campaign Game) and (Ligny scebario). I also played Memoir '44 (East Front - Fins vs Russians in 1939).
last week we got in a game of the classic AH game, Bismark, a start on Hitler's War, and the block game Quebec, and Battlecry.
On the table: DDH Games June '44 / August '44. Excellent introduction to the Normandy campaign. The games use cards to add a level of uncertainty to the encounter.

Next up may be ATO's The Big Push; but Decision Games Omaha and RAF are angling to be next...
Right now, I'm playing Storm Over Taierzhuang, from Against the Odds.


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