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France is the one where gameplay can vary from one to another and is the most interesting to play as she is being less constricted in the historical limit and actions dictated by the rules.
I have the attention span of a flea on speed, and the immediate gratification needs of a three month old with a narcissistic personality disorder, SO.... I have moved three tables into my tiny study and have the following set up and/or in various stages of play:
1 - OCS Tunisia - nearing the end of the Race for Tunis scenario, with the Germans looking to frustrate the Allies into giving up and going home.
2 - GMT's Kiev to Rostov - scenario 1, the learning scenario. I've put off playing this series for too long and am working my way through the tutorial.
3 - AH/MMP's GCACW "Grant Takes Command" - bowled over by the maps, I'm just starting out in the series.
Neil, have you considered picking up A Battle above the Clouds? It looks like a fun module! Grant Takes Command is cool also! I love the maps. have fun with your games!
Hi Lee,
Yep, I've got it on pre-order with a retailer, and I'm told it'll be on its way to me within a week (been waiting for The Battle For Normandy to get to retailers first). I have also snagged copies of Stonewall in the Valley and Stonewall's Last Battle within the last few days. The other titles are a bit pricey right now, but I've got Stonewall Jackson's Way II on pre-order at MMP.
My father instilled a love and fascination in me for the ACW - as an 8th Army vet,he had a very close friend from the US Army in a POW camp in Italy in WWII who went by the moniker "Stonewall"! - and the operational level depiction in these games looks about right for me at a gaming level for now. I have GMT's Glory series and Gettysburg and Red Badge of Courage as well, but they daunt me for some reason....
I love the GCACW series because they are not super complex. I don't like ACW games that are hard to digest. Maybe we should adopt the title Stonewall! I love the Civil War too. I started reading books about it around the age of 9. Do you have the game Civil War or For the People? They are cool games too! Here's to good gaming!
How weird is that?? I was just looking at getting a copy of For the People a minute ago! I'm not generally a fan of CDGs, but this looks interesting. I don't have Civil War, but have a copy of Lee vs Grant which I have always meant to play, but never got around to.
That is so weird! CDG's can be fun if they're well done like CC, We the People, For the People, etc. Civil War is a fun game but I haven't played it a lot lately. You might like it!
The Great Campaigns of American Civil War is the perfect operational series of the war that others are out of question. I have all the games in the series as collection. I always dream of playing this series and only this series all days and nights but obviously this is not a realistic dream. Joe Bolkoski is my top favourite designer because of this series. His games are much more absorbing than Mark Herman's. But Mark Herman offers more depth and strategic scope. I love them both!!
I like CC, even though I'm more of an ASL fan. I may just give For the People a bash.... I'd never really thought that the ACW would be much of a candidate for an operational level system (Don't ask me why!), but this series is amazing.
Joe Balkoski and Ed Beach are the designers for GCACW! They have done a fantastic job with the series! Mark Herman is a very top designer. I have For the People and Empire of the Sun. I have yet to try it out but I look forward to EOTS. Chad Jensen is an up and coming designer. I like all the CC games and the BP's. CC Pacific is my favorite and I look forward to Fighting Formations as well.
Hearts and Minds and Liberty Roads.
My 5 y/o son and 9 y/o daughter playing Berg's Constantinople with "baby rules". i.e. bucket of dice combat, attack and move as you feel like it.

Quote of the game (so far): "Oh boy! I get Constantine! Oh boy!"

Next best:

Erin "Daddy, what's this 'Jonas Giant' counter do?"

Dad "That's Johannes Grant, sweetie. He's an engineer"

Erin "Can I just call him Jonas Giant?"

I love my kids.


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