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Played ATO's "Pocket at Falaise". Lost as the Germans but liked the game. First time for both of us.

Played GMT's "Medieval" twice back to back with 4 players. Everyone enjoyed the game.
Got nuked [literally - DEFCON I] in Twilight Struggle / Late War Scenario. Also picked up Small World, and enjoy it [though not like TS].
Manifest Destiny... the game was well received by the people in the club. It's half Euro and half wargaming with abstract attack mechanism for expansion over the American continent. People bid for the beginning place to start and hence some are advantageous over the others. I played the Louisiana and was surrounded with players on the east and natives to the west. The south was Mexican's home turf. The way to go was north but was checked by the Virginians and Pensylvanians competitions in the same. In the end the Mexican won without much of a chellenge. The Virginians were on to the Gold Rush to the western shore at one point. But it was not posing any threat to the Mexican expansion.

I like the game too. But I am not used to some Euro mechanism, e.g. random determination of the sequence of play. How certain progressions can help attack or defense in a territory in a way etc. They sometimes look quite abstract to me. But I am sure I can get used to it later on. As to the cards, they play well and seems to weave into some good story telling. By the way, there is a story telling card which allows you to increase the maximum hand size by one more card. Huh.
I'm playing a couple of games live on vassal. Liberty Roads and Case Blue.
Ici, C'est la France! is set up at the moment here.
How's it going? Which side are you?
Right now I'm solitairing it, and just started; I want to have a few things straight in my head as I work on the review for Line of Departure.
You can download the latest living rules for "Ici" at legion Wargames.
Already done... I'm a MAJOR believer in living rules.
Got in about 14 turns of "A Fearful Slaughter" this past weekend with 4 other players and now concentrating on ASL. Got a solo Red Barricades going at home and "Blazin' Chariots" coming up the first weekend in April against my regular ASL opponent. Been on a tear lately board gaming and leaving the miniatures behind. This Sunday is the second monthly Euro game session at my house with some friends....I'll give them a few more sessions and then start trying to convert a few to "Twilight Struggle" as the first step in my efforts to add to my war-gaming friends.

We played Fighting Formations a few times this week, working out the balance on "Scenario 0" (such a snappy title!) so we can use it to teach new players the game. Loads of fun, but it makes me want to bust out the larger scenarios and keep playing.

We sat down for a 6-player game of Struggle of Empires this evening. I did abysmally off the start due to poor planning, but made up for some of it through outstanding die rolling. Remembered to spread out to "piggyback" on points instead of bunching up. Didn't end up last, but never really gave myself a shot at first place either. Still... it was a fun couple of hours.
We put Red Storm over the Reich on the table, we both read the rules, and pushed pieces around following the Example of Play. This is yet another game that I really want to like, but has so many exceptions and special cases that I'm not confident of playing it correctly.

We even checked at CSW and BGG for a cheatsheet of sorts to help us keep things straight and running smoothly. No luck. Does anyone reading this have a cheatsheet they have made but not posted? I would really like to be able to play this game.


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