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The question is why there would be 2 games on the same psuedo city? I don't have Totensonntag and hence I am interested to know how different are they system-wise.
Recently played Twilight Imperium for the third time. Prior to that we had some go rounds with the French game: Adventure, a surprisingly pleasing game.
Our group has also played a crusty oldie: Tyrano Rex, old but thoughtful and challenging.
Two games our group has enjoyed over the past year are Sword of Rome and Shifting Sands. Sword in particular is always interesting for the course each game can take. Sands is just really well balanced design, but heaven help you if the cards are stacked against you.
One game I want to play but we've not screwed up the whatever to sit down to is Here I Stand. Hopefully, we'll get it played soon.
I have GPG's Rebel Yell on the Wargame table. I've only played 4 of the intro scenarios but have had a lot of fun with it. I just put away Red Star White Star, by SPI, and had a blast with that game. Somehow that doesn't seem right!
I have an ASL scenario from the new DB3 set up, as well as scenario 2 from MMP's Battle Above the Clouds, with Red Star Rising about to hit my third table. I made room for it with a games day yesterday, where my regular gamer buddy and I played some oldies - Trenchfoot (GDW) and AH's Blitzkrieg. It's good to get in touch with some of the old fellas once in a while, and both games were fantastic (if only for their nostalgia factor!).
Unfortunately, not much right now. Just attended my first convention in a year this past weekend (NashCon) and am now thinking about bringing back the ASL tournament after a 3 year absence. But need to get some FTF play in (too much trouble setting up a computer for VASL gaming). Oh well.
Back from Monstercon in Tempe. Played three different games. GMT's "Chariots of Fire" and "Flying Colors", Great Games.

"Wings of War" by Fantasy Flight. We played the WWI edition. Its a great simple game on this subject. Played several different scenarios such as balloon busting, recon, patrols and dogfights.

Monstercon is it for me. This is my 10th time here and it just keeps on getting better. Well done Mr. Kranz.
Reading the rules to Beda Fomm, but I probably won't get it onto the table until next week. I pick up my son for the summer tomorrow (8-9 hours of driving will tend to shoot the day for wargaming!) and we have a family BBQ on Sunday. Thinking about it, it is entirely likely that I may come home for lunch mid-day and find son and hubby duking it out in the African sands. Don't know if I should be happy or bummed about that...
Wonderful to see this title find it's way back into print! I always thought this was the best of the small boxed (120 series) style games GDW ever did.
I've been playing GMT's The Caucasus Campaign.
Came back from a business trip to find three games sitting on the bench in the alcove, having just arrived in the mail. Columbia Games' JULIUS CAESAR, which looks very quick to get into (the rules are very short). GMT's NOTHING GAINED BUT GLORY, small Musket and Pike system games on the Scanian Wars in the Baltic area, with beautiful graphics as one expects from GMT. Against The Odds magazine with TARLETON'S QUARTER on the Carolinas campaign (the map does go to Yorktown to the north!). Doing nothing but spreading the maps out and fondling the counters (looking at the stickers in the block game) and dreaming of playing. Hmmm.
Tarleton's Quarter showed up in Pittsburgh on Thursday, just as I was about to leave the house for my nephew's high school graduation in Raleigh. So it's still on my desk, unwrapped and as yet unplayed. I expect to change when I return tomorrow.
Taleton's Quarter is quite a nice addition to compliment my current fever with Washington's War.


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