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Warriors of God, MMP International Gamers' Series ("IGS"). Very excellect gameplay with straight forward and clean rules. A lot of decisions has to be made by both sides, aptly from the view of Commander-in-Chief. I was awed by the wealth of details simulated in this game so elegantly. Leadership rating: Battle and Bravery ratings played their part finally where they are fit and properly due for the Hundred Years' War that I was so longing to find. An excellent game that I haven't come across with for quite a while.
Usually play ASL on a somewhat regular basis as I find this game has been the one I always come back to and enjoy the most.Next game played the most is Full Thrust for tactical spaceship combat;always wanted to play out the spaceship combats from various movies and TV shows and that gave me a good way to do it.
Right now am getting heavily into learning both GMT's Battle for Normandy and MMP's Devil's Cauldron.Am planning on playing DC and possibly BfN on Sept. 11 at the Gulf Coast Gaming Club monthly game day if anyone cares to join me.
Also have on my table another monster game: Decision Games reprint version of Highway to the Reich--all of Market Garden waiting to be gamed! At least until MMP releases Where Eagles Dare to join up with Devil's Cauldron!
Hell of Stalingrad this Saturday. The game uses cards to tell the story of the intense figthing in the city. Amazingly, I find it to be quite close to what actually happened on the ground. The emphasis on capture objectives, mobolization of the military formations and assaults into the areas, psycholigical breakdown of enemies as a result of carnage etc. The game is also a tight and running game - no dead air during gameplay and the winning and losing are only a matter of split second and score!
Just lots of B-17, B-29 and variants. Flying with several PBEM squadrons. Like some of the add-ons that have come up over the years.....seems to be more realistic. No place to leave a game set up....until my boys get off to college. Working on SW Pacific Theater variant for B-17. A friend of mine will be in town this weekend and maybe we can get in a game of PanzerGruppe Guderian.....or something. Man, we used to spend hours upon hours gaming back in the day.....before college, work, marriage and life in general ground those die rolls to a halt and many of our games into the closet......If I can get him to play PGG, as historically it was in the past; he'll insist on taking the Germans. But then again, he might just want to watch the OU-Idaho football game and talk about current life and a bit of the past. Oh, and his mom won't be around to "force us" to stop playing for a time and to eat a massive amount of her good 'old southern fried, gravied and "have some mor' pie" cooking.
Just got Dominant Species in the mail today Kai, great big damn heavy game box. Planning on getting my Dominion gang together over the Holiday weekend to give it a go. Tell Chad thanks (I'm positive it'll actually your brainstorm)
Simple Great Battles of History ~ Alexander Deluxe (PBEM & Head to Head via VASSAL)
Memoir '44 (PBEM VASSAL & Face to Face)
Commands & Colors: Ancients (PBEM VASSAL)
Combat Commander: Europe (PBEM & Head to Head via VASSAL)
ASL Starter Kit #1 (Head to Head via VASSAL)
Arkham Horror (PBEM Cyberboard)

I rarely play face to face games these days as I am living in China. I do have one friend here that I have taught how to play Memoir '44. Most of my gaming is PBEM, but some Head to Head via VASSAL.

I am really enjoying SGBoH. I now have all of the GBoH games, and hope to play them all. As I have been playing SGBoH, I am becoming more and more intrigued with the full rules, but am glad SGBoH is around, as it will let me play a bunch of the games in the series with a single set of base rules, and a few tweaks. It is a bit hard to play via e-mail, but we have tweaked things a bit to make it workable.

Combat Commander is a great game. It helps that I win often enough to not feel like I totally suck.

Memoir '44 is nearly a perfect PBEM game. Not to many complexities and quick to both playback and fire off a turn. Good game to introduce new gamers.

C&C:A is deeper than Memoir '44 but a bit harder to PBEM. It is totally workable though, and I am having a lot of fun with it.

ASL is not really a good PBEM game with all of the options available to defending player, thus I haven't even tried. I recently bought the updated version of Retro, and hope to try that via PBEM. I just found out my uncle likes playing wargames (to bad it took 37 years to find out!) We are starting to play the ASL SK1 via VASSAL

My buddy made a great Arkham Horror cyberboard gamebox. He is teaching me how to play. I really wish there was a VASSAL mod for this.
Um, no ASL actually plays wonderful via PbEM using Vasl. You don't have to stop after each shot and phase and send it over, you can go thru a lot of your phases and often even through a good part of the DFPh without sending files back. Making your RPh DR at the end of your own turn for example helps to cut down the necessary amount of files you have to send over to your opponent.

On the other hand I can't imagine how to play AH via PbEM ;-)
I stand corrected! You have some experience with it, and seem to enjoy it PBEM, that's great. :o)
I am in the middle of an Afrika II campaign game with my regular gaming partner. Currently on turn 11 and stored away in my flat file until the next session. Fantastic fun game that is really starting to get interesting. I am the CW and staring down the approaching German force in Bardia.

I also just picked up Normandy '44 yesterday and it really looks good.
Is Highway to the Riech an approachable game? How many scenarios available for one map? My table space can only accomodate that.
Lawrence,which version of HttR are you wanting to know about? The first edition from SPI,or the Decision Games reprint from 2008? I have the DG version and I can tell you it is a beautiful game to look at,has a few one map scenarios but the rulebook is an absolute mess! Have tried to reformat my electronic copy with all the errata but have not finished it;see the Consimworld folder on this version as I am still waiting for some questions to be answered by the designer (who has stated he will be working on a complete rewrite sometime in near future.)

Think if you are willing to put in the time to learn and play it then yes it can be approachable;my gripe about this game though is I should NOT have to put in that much work to play it.So in answer to your question,then I would have to say no,it is not approachable as is,out of the box.

Hope this helped.
John, How do I find opponents in SE CT or RI? b.chamberlain@snet.net


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