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Race for Tunis
Thoroughly enjoying playing this game. Some real nice touches to the rules compared to the SPI stuff which I am normally accustomed too. I am only playing the basic game at the moment so I can get accustomed to the rules, and I can't wait to get my Teeth into the advanced rules.
A very under-rated game and I would recommend this game to any intermediate player.
Lately I've been using Vassal to play Assault and Boots & Saddles. I'm gearing up to play MMP's "Bastogne: Screaming Eagles Under Siege" (also using Vassal). I hadn't played the GDW titles in years, but then Doug Bush and Chris Chapman did an excellent job building the Vassal module and lo and behold, it's back on the "virtual" table. Funny thing, though, I don't remember the rules being so "gappy" back in the day when I played it in high school. :) Good opponents make up for that sort of thing, though!
Joey, are you talking about the DECISION GAMES edition, which is really the 3rd Ed? Because 2nd Ed is an old SPI version of HTTR....
There were two editions of HTTR under SPI. The 2nd Ed came out pretty quickly after the first because the errata was just going to be so extensive for the first edition, they just rewrote the rulebook. As far as I know, that was the only change to the game--the rulebook. Maybe the CRT was changed too, I just don't know. My copy of HTTR that I got in 1978 was a 2nd Ed.

The DG edition technically would be the third edition. I'm guessing this is the version you are referring to, and as far as I know there isn't a "second one" of this "new one."

HTTR 2ndEd (SPI) was pretty good when it came to the scenarios. The campaign game was a real problem. I wonder how well the new DG version plays in either as I've not broken it out yet (still have dreams of doing DEVIL'S CAULDRON campaign).
Joey, hate to be contrarian, but the "official" 2nd Edition is the SPI one. The Decision Games edition is the Decision Games edition. I haven't seen anything in the DG ads or game components that call it a second edition, but I may have overlooked something. If they call it that, they are wrong because there is quite a bit of redesign between the SPI 2nd Edition and this one. Am not at home right now, but the Rich Text Rules for HTTR that DG has on their website (dated August 2008) lists in their game design/development/playtesting credits the original SPI 1st and 2nd Eds and a SEPARATE Decision Games Edition.

For a contrast between SPI 1st and SPI HTTR 2nd Ed, check this link here. Apparently there were component updates, albeit minor.
Been pucking around with GMT's new NORMANDY '44 game, based on the ARDENNES '44 system. Hmmm. Berg's old JUNE 6th game is still in the collection and I'm wondering whether this game will eventually replace that. And I'll never give up BREAKOUT: NORMANDY--that's just too good a game.

Anxious for the BATTLE FOR NORMANDY expansion kit. Then I'm going to decide whether I will go for Youst's redesign of ATLANTIC WALL. I was never a fan of the original, but I had my issues with the original WACHT AM RHEIN as well and the redesign is a whole lot better but a whole lot less digestible. Suspect the ATLANTIC WALL redesign will be the same. Am realizing that my years of wargaming aren't as endless as I imagined in my youth, so I'm going to have to be pick from now on (for once)....
Playing Ney vs Wellington. Very good. Rules a bit easier than Wellington's Victory. The size of map is just right. Anyone played this game recently?
I haven't in a while. My biggest criticism is that, except for Monmouth, SPI didn't do anything else with the system on a smaller scale.
It is a grand system, cut down in its prime. No doubt had SPI continued, it would have been the equivalent of the GBACW system.

We only got Wellington's Victory, NvW and Monmouth.
Ney vs Wellington is what I'm playing now. Are there any replays out there?
Playing Red Star Rising from MMP. I'm working on the 12-turn Barbarossa scenario. There are two or three 25-turn ones and the monster 40-turn campaign game. That one will probably wait until after the turn of the year, God willing.
Played with my gaming gp: Fantasy Flight's 'RuneWars' and GMT's 'Successors'. Runewars is OK but I prefer Historical war games, mainly. "Successors is fun to play.

Finished GMT's 'Chariots of Fire" scenarios. Very good gaming system. Figuring out the proper tactics for Chariot warfare took some trial and error but was great fun.

Played Clash of Arms game 'La Bataille Lutzen.(Somewhat) The newer rules are almost too much. Need simple rules version.

Playing: Clash of Arms game 'La Bataille Albuera'. A smaller game and more manageable, I hope. Hexasim's ' 'Liberty Roads'. This is great fun. The innovative game system is very good.


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