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Normandy '44...VAASL with Christian from Hamburg, Germany.  Great thanks to GMT for releasing this VAASL module shortly after the actual game release.  We play over the all gorgeous map graphics on the screen.  Cherbourg scenario.  The Americans scattered their gliders and paratroopers with a simple table.  The landing rules are top notch and elegantly simple.  No procedural writs with the landing rules at all.  Clean and efficient.  We are enjoying the game very much and played 3 turns in 2 hours, including the time to teach.  Will continue the game tomorrow Friday's night.    

Playing A Victory Denied via Vassal with several opponents. Just finished an extremely exciting game where I won with the Russians just on the outskirts of Moscow. The last three turns were played just outside Moscow. I was sure he would get into the city but I managed to hold him off. Basically a chit pull either way would have decided this game. My AVD opponent and I are now trying to learn Empire of the Sun and looking forward to it.


A CSW friend is teaching me the OCS system using GBII. I'm a slow learner but he is patient and gracious as he pounces on my rookie mistakes. I also have a Here Come the Rebels GCACW game going and just started a full campaign of Red Star Rising.

Currently playing Skulls & Crossbones a  (very good) Battles Mag LnL Heroes of the Blitzkrieg scenario.

Just finished playtesting a ASL scenario for Bounding Fire anniversary pack coming out this summer. Interesting Russian vs German scenario with some great SSR's.

Moving onto to ASL in the jungle for a bit then back to playtesting.

This weekend, Ryan Schultz and I will be engaging in  Scenario #3, "One More Try" in Critical Hit! STONNE 1940 HASL module.  We've played the earlier two scenarios and are slowly working our way through them all.  Who knows, maybe someday we'll do a campaign game!  This scenario has the Germans holding the ruins of Stonne with three 37mm ATGs, two 81mm mortars, a module of artillery with an aerial observer, and Stuka support against a French infantry armor force sporting CharB1(bis) tanks and H39s attacking over open ground to take the place....
Right now, it's Avalanche Press' SWWAS intro game, Coral Sea.
I have A Famous Victory set up. Now if I can get off work long enough to play a turn.
Well, quite full on the plate now..even though some of them are only virtual. 
On Friday night, Christian continued the game of Band of Heroes, scenario "Counter Attack at St. Mere Eglise". The Americans were suppressed and taken casualties after the German artillery bombardment. Christian was sending in the StugIII to the middle, while he was developing a two-prone attack both from the left and the right. My leader wasn't recovered from the shaken status and hence was not able to rally. Babe, it is a tough defense for the Yanks!

On Saturday, our regular gaming group held Pillars of the Earth in the club meeting. Before that game, we played Chrononauts, a short but fun card game about reverting the historical developments, shuffling the dependencies and independencies. Each player Chrononaut has his own agenda, victory conditions and mission objective. Needless to say, the cards already set the conflicting events and hanppenstances inherently so that Chrononauts are competing themselves to reach their own victory, while together they should also cooperate to prevent the time "holes" from collapsing the universe, rendering too many changes to the historical events. They do it by "patching" the time holes. Many monumental events with historical IDs make this game having interesting moments to talk about. Repeated play, however, might bore you from knowing what would be going to happen in advance. Variants and additional add-ons are therefore required to keep this kind of game alive.

Back to Pillars of the Earth. Many people know that I am no Eurogamer. Based on the story, this Eurogame has beautifully illustrated components and a very standardize game mechanic - you resolve what happens in that medieval "Church" age one by one - events by the God, tax collection, taking special characters (advantage cards) or more efficient craftsmen (privilege cards), resources production, calling for more workers, commercial activities in market and then deciding who is going to be the new starting player. This is the kind of game more suitable to the wargamer like me, favoring a more clear and structured sequence of play.

The game basically is about scoring victory points along the way, producing resources for the Church building earns you victory points. You can also "buy" victory points with goldsmith (and I like this mechanic very much!). I was in the lead for a long time but in the last turn a decision not to take the privilege with the master builders in Shiring (yep, I don't know why the place is called so but it is in the game anyway). John had been monopolizing the metal resources and in the end, won the game with a higher grade goldsmith.

The game is not necessarily competitive among the players but how one gets the job done the most efficient way. It is not as abstract as other mathematical Eurogame, although I still feel some parts of the game are not so much related to the theme but just a way to proceed the game. I can't say it is a good game because I am not immensely satisfied with the completion of the game, but I can't say it either it is not a good game because of its clean, simple and straightforward mechanic. Well, it really depends on the liking of individual gamer after all.

Back to home, I found the time to complete the Polish deployment in the Third Reich and sent out the VASSAL file to Anthony and John. We are going to play a PBEM campaign game of AH's classic monster strategic level WW2 game - Third Reich. Yes! Thanks to VASSAL, I am able to play this classic wargame again after 20 years since my last play. Back then I was not impressed but here now we have a campaign game on the plate and it can be a completely different story. I am very eager to know whether I can have a new insight into the game with VASSAL play. What the Poles can do is just to delay the Germans as long as they can. Delaying the German from winning the game on time is a victory to the Allied. Flipping the rulebook again, which is downloaded from the Internet, is a nostalgic experience to me. I read it with more interest, more intensity, although I don't know why. Perhaps I have not been into strategic gaming for a long time. I missed GMT's World at War and I hope I can see the game get reprint soon. The mood is in WW2 right now as I counted 5 out of my top hot 10 in BGG were on the WW2.

On Sunday morning, I hooked up Kenneth in Utah for continuing our game of Warriors of God. We completed one more turn at turn 6, halfway to the whole Campaign Game. Really fun and exciting experience and a cat-and-mouse catching game. We are contempt with the pace and progress of the game as we can always spend more time to think and to read the rules for deeper understanding and knowing the tricks. For example, my powerful King died of illness after three decades of war and battles. He left with enormous troops behind in Anjou. No new leader arrived there and hence the troops were "dispersed" locally - meaning eliminated. Many strategic options are available, agonizing to make, especially when we had a turn of low initiative with lower number of impulses available (four for the English and three for the French).
Empires of the Middle Aged. :P
At home I have Commander: Europe at War (Matrix games) on my PC, I also have Nemo's War, which is in it its early stages of play and for the very first time, and at work, I am playing An Arduous Beginning on ZunTzu by Victory point games.

My buddy and I are playing OCS Baltic Gap at the moment.  Finished DAK2 a year ago.  Tried APTO in between, but the horribly written rules (worst I've ever seen) caused us to throw in the towel after 4 months real-time work


Also messing around and learning EFS solitaire.  Playing the Crimea campaign.  I like it, but not as much as OCS.  :-)

Started a game of Afrika, after playing a few SF games and even lighter fare.

Solo, of course. :D


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