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On 19 Mar, Anthony and I played the 7-turn Mini Campaign of Normandy'44, the latest design from Mark Simonitch. We set up the game in one hour with the excellent player OOB aids. We began the game right away and everything was smooth for face-to-face game. My Allied landings did not operate perfectly and many of the DD tanks were disrupted after the landings. The British I Corp and CW forces went well while they were dashing to attack Caen. They were already behind the historical 27 June frontline on 8 June and so I guessed they were doing better than their historical counterpart. 5th Engineer Regiment was guarding the Juno Queen beachhead for supplying the attacking forces. The Germans were reinforcing Caen now and heavy counter attacks were expected soon. In the center, the British 30th Corp units were exerting pressure on the main road from Bayeux to Caen, hoping that a breakthrough from there would cover the US' left flank advance into St. Lo. On the US 7th Corp, I was planning for a supply cut-off operation, lining up the units along the road from Utah beach to Ste-Mere-Eglise whereas the U.S. 82nd and 101st Airbornes were reaching Pont-l'Abbe, where the German 91th Glider Battalions were consolidating for a determined defense.  We ended the day at turn 2 and ported the situation over to VASSAL for continuation in future.  Normandy '44, absolutely a great game.

On 2 April, 2 games of Shadow over Camelot and 2 games of Battle Line. Frankly, with all the beautiful components in Shadow over Camelot, Shadow over Camelot is still soundly beaten by Battle Line in terms of gameplay.
Some thoughts on the recently played Shadow over Camelot.  Shadow over Camelot is a fun interactive multiplayers game, especially when I (Sir Palamedes) was accused of being a traitor out of the blue. It proved that they were wrong. Nobody (6 in total) in the first game was a traitor actually. Despite this, the Camelot Companions won the game marginally. I was King Arthur in the second game and we guessed the traitor right early on. However, desipte this, we (7 in total) lost the game still when 12 siege engines completed the attack on the city of Camelot. No one stand up to fight the engines while I was busy on the quests (completing the Lancelot but not the Dragon quests).

Although I find he game does capture the feel of the world right, the game system shows a bit aged and outdated though, even though it was only published 5 years ago. Unlike the wargames, I think Eurogames could not stand the test of time as much. The game has its moment when people talk and with a right group, the talk can be sun-heated and intense, e.g. accusing the traitor correctly or incorrectly.

The overall game system wants you to balance risks faced by the group constantly. Each player gets to do an evil phase, in which the evil forces would rise in the various quests. Each quest requires a different card formation to complete (except the Holy Grail). Depending on the number and types of cards in the hand, the players therefore chooses the quest to compete. The basic system is easy to get into for eveyone but I don't think there is too many variations for you to deal with. I agree with some obaservations that the game might get bored once you find it repetitive, just waiting to see what happens in Camelot and go to deal with the more urgent issues.

Have the latest S&T, When Lions Sailed, ready to start later today.

The Arab-Israeli Wars, specifically: Chinese Farm.


I'm not counting the Euro's I've been forced to play due to lack of FTF wargamers around here.  :^[

Roads to Leningrad.

Played: "Conquest of the Empire II" by Eagle Games, "Friedrich" by Rio Grande Games, "Civilization" by Eagle Games with my gaming group. All lots of fun. Only won in Civilization.


W&W "Soft Underbelly: Italy 1943",  FTF,Very Good and won as Nazis, S&T "Julian" Solitaire. Looks Good., GMT's "Nothing Gained but Glory", FTF in Fehrbellin 1675-Excellent but lost as Brandenburg. Setting up Compass Game 's "Storming the Reich. Graphics are great.

Played some Great War in Europe Deluxe on vassal this afternoon.
Playing Fighting Formations, of course! :0)  We dumped the playtest copy a few weeks ago and ever since then I've been dying to play it again. Figures, right? Anyway, the printed copy arrived recently and we've been playing since then.
You dumped a wargame? 0_o

No, we dumped the homemade counters and maps from a wargame in anticipation of receiving the "real deal". We go through sooooo many counters and maps during design and development that I guess I've gotten used to it.


It horrified me the first time I saw Chad dump a playtest copy while printing up a new set of counters. I wanted to keep everything. Now I'm glad we keep it simple or my house would be filled with obsolete counters!  :0)

PO Box 128

Bonnots Mill, MO 65016


:-) :-)



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