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The last time I played it was when it was first published - so a few years back.

Think I've only played it once. Seemed okay.

Clash of Monarchs right now.


Definitely is a wargame (not sure on all CDGs).

Tackling the BAR ruleset for the first time.

That should be sometime soon (I hope)

Case Blue. Just starting a EaTG scenario.
GDW's Raphia
GDW's Imperium
Several games are going on at the same time on my table, virtual or physical.  Playing two games of Twilight Struggle with Christian, one over Skype/ VASSAL and one over PBEM/ VASSAL.  One game of Most Dangerous Time with Kenneth over Skype and VASSAL.  One game of Third Reich and one game of Normandy '44 over PBEM/ VASSAL.  One face-to-face game of Princes of the Renaissance and Pacific Typhoon on the past Saturday in the club. One solo game of June '44 over the physical table at home.  My head is kind of exploding now but I am kind of obsessively enjoying it.     

FTF GMT's "Flying Colors". Played Cape St. Vincent as The English. Managed to win because my Spanish opponent threw his break-point with only one ship struck. A great Game. GMT's new game "Fighting Formations" Won as Soviets in intro scenario with sudden death kicking in. Otherwise the Germans would of won. This was a friend's game. Not sure I like it enough to buy my own copy. Further play is needed.


Arrived: MMP's "Karelia'44" and GMT's "Infidel".


Playing HPS's "France'14" and "Musket and Pike" computer games.

Moving on to Nothing Gained But Glory.
Back from Monstercon in Tempe, AZ. Had a good time. Played two scenarios from GMT's "Flying Colors". One real the other made up. Played the Brits in both and won only because the Spanish player like to throw 0's for his and French ally's break off point. One of the great games from GMT. Played S&T's "Julian" and got my clock cleaned as the Romans. It took a while for the bad Barbarians but they toppled the whole Empire, West and East. Very Good.Played VPG's game "Parsec" twice. One lost, one won. A fun little game. Only takes a little over a hour to play.
Playing "Axis Empires: Totaler Krieg" with my son (Russia) and hubby (Germany). We started with the interwar politics and have gone "off the rails" and are all improvising madly. Edging toward Total War, no one feels in a solid position to really make conquests, although the Germans have made their first successful attack into Russia - grabbing Minsk and pressing further toward Leningrad and Moscow. At this point, all factions are at War! status except the US. Having fun exploring the differences between this and the old version.

Making progress with our game. Russia and Germany have called a halt to hostilities with the Ostland Accord and poor France is left alone holding out against the German onslaught. Britain is holding on to its territory in North Africa, watching warily as the Italians rev up nearby, but is not making its presence felt in any way in Europe.


With our game so far "off the rails" historically, so many of the Western Allied cards cannot be chosen due to restrictions, which left very little in the way of build-up. The Soviet Allies were equally restricted and finally received their first HQ just as the Accord put a short stop to the fighting. Germany was facing a two- (really three-) front war on Limited War cards, so we were all feeling the pinch. Having a great time and hoping to get back to the game on Saturday.


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