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The most anticipated block game to me.  The most anticipated block game to me.  Released after 2 years since 2007.  The publication was changed hand from Columbia Games to GMT.  The map graphics is upgraded nicely.  After disappointment with the release of Epic of the Peloponessian War by Clash of Arms and a lame "mock" game of Athens vs Sparta (I mean fitting the Peloponessian War into the same framework of Napoleon and WW2 block game system from Columbia Games), this game salvages my interest back to this ancient epic campaign. 


I played the BC431 scenario in Hellenes: Campaigns of the Peloponnesian War with John...and a hell of a good game! It recollects me memory of playing Peloponnesian War solitaire and the reading of Xenophon's masterpiece. The game is subtle in the beginning but as it goes on, wow, you feel right at home inside the city states and the decisions to make are genuinely portrayed without too much chromes inhibiting on the road. It is very important on how do you plan the campaign in the beginning for what it takes to accomplish a victory to either Athens or Spartan. A very enjoyable experience and a great game to play! Plus, I like the constant shuffling of the cards each turn!


Keep Up the Fire!

The Boxers are coming from the east, the south and the north! Called Captain Moore in the South Wall. Setting up the game in no time, I have been starting to enjoy the story of the Boxer Rebellion. The foreign legations stepped up the fortification level immediately to four with the spending of the 4 actions. once clicked with the game system, I flip through the deck easily and quickly, with occasional reference to the rules. The estimated game time of 30 minutes is one that is shorter than actual. A more reasonable estimate would be 90 minutes. 
I received the game and got it down on table the very same night. Boom! I started the game in no time. It took me a while to get used to the system as it is a kind of brand new experience to me. The rulebook is generally very well written, although in some cases re-reading of the rules would bring more understanding of the designer's subtle intention.
The atmosphere is great and now I am in the second epoch with the International Gun arriving! It blasted a Ching army to pieces in the South Wall. Although the fort defending forces are still intact due to my good dice rolls (I usually roll better when playing solitaire ), the Eight-Nation Army still hasn't been able to move to the next destination Tientsin! What's the strategy of moving the Army? I have hoarded the speed and combat power but the dice rolls are poor on that front and hence with the usual low number of commands (2 is the norm), the Army can disperse the Blocking Force but then cannot move on!

Just picked up Combat Commander: Europe. Looks nice and the rules seem familiar.

Just started a game of Empire of the Sun with my son. That will be our "table clogger" for a while. Also hoping to try Martin Wallace's Empires of the Ancient World later this week.

Enjoyed a marvelous session of CLOSE ACTION at the Annual Trafalgar Day event run by the game's designer, Mark Campbell on 5 November.  Over 30 gamers participated, recreating the Battle of Hogland, 17 July 1788, between the Swedes and the Russians in the Gulf of Finland.  A clear victory for the Russians, losing 2 ships to the Swedes' 6, but a great time was had by all.  This game is terrific for clubs and Mark really keeps the game moving along so nobody is bored when it's not their move/combat being adjudicated.


currently playing a campaign game of Kiev to Rostov,  I'm the soviets and we are over half way through the game (real time play via skype and vassal helps speed things along considerably).  I'm not sure how the game is going to come out since I am playing against a very good German commander who is plagued with mud, and out of fuel situations.

 I was thinking about a GCACW game (BATC  gotta love the acronyms)  But we may jump into Battle for Normandy next.









Playing Paths of Glory via vassal.  In the past have not been a fan of either area movement games nor CDGs but this one is alot of fun.

Played: AH's "Hannibal". First time for both of us. I lost as Carthage. Not a bad game.

Decision Games: "Empire of the Middle Ages" Played the opening scenario of Byzantium vs. Charlemagne. I squeaked out a win by one point as Byzantium. We both had trouble understanding the rules. A first for both of us. Undecided on this game. 

Playing GMT's "Paths of Glory". Playing the Allies. The Germans are ahead. Great game. This is probably my 5th playing of this game. This game convinced me CDG'S  can be fun.

Soloing BIRDS OF PREY so I can get the rules down for an eventual FTF session.  Am very taken by this air combat maneuvering system!

Sounds like a lot of fun, however I always thought multi-player games like that really benefitted from the group table talk which Vassal doesn't replicate well via the chat window (unless you run something like skype conference call in the background).

Currently playing Mission 1 of Ambush! (Victory Games). Liking it a lot, so far. Might have to eventually snag a copy of Purple Heart, if this turns out to be as fun as I think it will be.

Next up will be Combat Commander: Europe, which I'm still reading the rules to.

Europe Engulfed.


Anybody know whether you can airborne assault from Copenhagen to Oslo?

Played WHERE EAGLES DARE, the new MMP game on the airdrop of 101st Airborne Division and the advance of XXX Corps as part of OPERATION MARKET-GARDEN.  This five-map monster game mates up with THE DEVIL'S CAULDRON, covering the battles of Arnhem and Nijmegen.  Three players took on the campaign game at MMP's WINTER OFFENSIVE 2012 convention.  Germans won both sessions; in the first game, two battalions of the German 59th Division made it into Eindhoven before XXX Corps did, in the second two companies of high quality troops threatened to stymie XXX Corps in Eindhoven who had been held up by some lucky opportunity fire rolls from a battery of 88mm guns.  Gorgeous game but the Exclusive Rules have a few holes in them/fixes needed...nothing serious.  Strongly recommend this title/system!


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