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Introduced my son (age 8) and daughter (age 6) to the simple game of Wilderness Survival (old AH title). Played with my Father, son, and daughter this morning. It is pretty simplistic game, but everyone loved (especially the kids). I think this was a good intro for them. My Dad got off the board first with the first scenario (lost). Later, my Dad and I played two games of Stalingrad (AH, '63). I was the Russians both times and we held the Germans back both times (no surprise there). It takes a lot of luck and plenty of nerve to break the Russians in that game. Happy gaming everyone.

My friend isn't a wargamer gamer gamer. He likes playing games. His game of Battle Cry got a real good run last night &the weekend before.

Battle Cry...Isn't the kinda game I used to call a 'wargame' but of course it means something different to all...for me it's fun. I never felt it could be but if I just play & not theorize about what it should be OR what I THINK it should be, chillout & get into the situation on the board before me...and come up with a cunning plan...move those units & play those cards I find myself immersed in a tense game full of surprises & tense action. I've never been disappointed except I wished I'd played earlier!

U can get a FIX from playing BC...now i'm playing Dixie...wow carnage all around!

Today I battle with my 4 year old, playing Battle Cry. He wants to be 'Blue' this time. That's fine as I'm training him up to be a wargamer!

Currently playing 'Ardennes 44' via Vassal and Skype with a pal in Texas (I'm in Australia)..we're using 2ndEd rules..

Is your pal Kevin?  He is an Australian I know that is living in Texas.

No..a guy called Tom from Houston..I do know Kevin from BGG..

Start reading the rules of Red Storm over the Reich.....I plan to play it during the Chinese New Year holidays these few days (next Monday is the new year day).  

I am reading Defeat in the East by Juergen Thorwald. Apart from the German operational movements and Hitler's hysterical interference in the defense strategies, the chapter of Storm over Prussia gave details of the account of the refugees suffering in the Central Government of USIR. There are some special rules on the USIR in respect of replacement and mandatory evacuation and Zossen as the communication centre of the German Army. I enjoy reading both side by side.  

The problem is all 3 scenarios require 2 maps at the same time on the table.  I am not sure if my table is large enough for that.     

I've been playing Boots on the Ground.  There is a lot to like about it, despite how horrible the rules are written.

I've got Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear set up now.  Cool system.

Are you playing solo?

Right now yes.

I have the game too but haven't played yet.  Have fun!

Last weekend, I finished up a very close game of A Victory Lost - Germans won though the Russians had a 50/50 shot at achieving a draw through inflicting sufficient casualties just outside of Kharkov.  Next weekend, I'll be playing A House Divided and will be starting a campaign game of EastFront II in February (my first; I'll be playing the Axis).


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